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Worth Experiencing Train Journeys of India


There are many journeys that are always relished by people.  There are some top journeys in India that are loved by train travellers. If you have flair for exploring, then you should explore the different train journeys in India.

It is apparent that Indian Railways has made much advancement in railways. Whether you want to know about the IRCTC train enquiry between two stations, seat availability, times of the train, or anything, you can instantly know about them. But, apart from these advancements, there are things that you have to experience yourself. You have to take a step to explore the exciting trips that these train journeys can give you. Have a look at some of the most cherished train journeys of India below:

Island Express

Kanyakumari, the southernmost top of India and a spiritual spot where three oceans merge, is a wonderful point to start an adventure on railways. The Island Express departs at 10.30am and takes only over two hours to reach Trivandrum. As it goes through thick greenery, tightly-woven palm trees and beautiful long grassy verges, characteristic of Kerala, the train fills with a vibrant lemony-green kind.  You can simply sit in the general class to ensure a fantastic view from doors and open windows. During the journey, you can witness the beautiful activities of day today working of people, lovely painting like churches and much more. The entire journey is a delight and fills you with richness.

Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey

The route of this train is from Mumbai to Delhi.  The sophisticated Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey links Mumbai and Delhi through Rajasthan and is the nearest option to travelling like Rajput kings once did. So, it is apparent that the train is not cheap. Of course, it is possible to cover this same route by passenger train, but since most of the local trains are overnight sleepers in the absence of air-conditioning, you miss out the charm and elegance of the scenery. The luxurious train gives you a great experience with all its luxurious facilities.

Nizamuddin Duronto Express

It is one of a new handful of non-stop express trains linking main cities. The Duronto Express from Pune to Delhi cuts six hours off usual twenty six-hour journey.  It encompasses a beautiful route with the most diverse topography and the on-board service is brilliant. From 11am until sunset, train trundles past splashing rivers, mountains, deserts and hamlets. Amazing Duronto means “quick” in Bengali cater scrumptious meals included in the ticket price. The train caters amazing food facility, proper facilities and a good experience.

Jammu Mail

Formation of this fifty three kilometre stretch of railway from Jammu to Udhampur has extended northernmost reach of Indian Railways to foothills of Himalayas. It weaves around beautiful rocky patches of the Shivalik mountain range, over wide-spread rivers and dipping valleys. More than twenty tunnels and one hundred fifty eight bridges cater head turning views. It is especially from across Gambhir Bridge.

Thus, these are some of the exciting and rich railway journeys that you should experience in your lifetime. Of course, there are many more but to get start with, these won’t disappoint you at all.


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