4 common Aussie paint colour blunders and mistakes you must never make

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Agreed, selecting interior and exterior house colours when it comes to residential paint in Australia isn’t any walk in the park. It is a boggling world of varying hues, shades, and tints. Nevertheless, your wall paint colour choice still boils down to your personal preferences. What does not and what you must pay close attention to, though, is avoiding the most common paint colour mistakes that everyone is most likely to make during this stage. Certain things paint stores will never tell you, and some that just slip from your mind. Thus, this article offers the top mistakes you must avoid making when repainting or painting your home.

  1. Choosing wall paint colours first

It always remains a wise decision to look at the décor of the room you intend painting for inspiration. For example, the shade of green you plan on using on the walls might not pair well with your indigo-coloured rug. Or, the mustard sofa would appear great against a grey-coloured wall. Getting colour to match the décor of your room is much cheaper and easier than getting furniture, fabrics, and furnishing to match the colour of your walls.

  1. Not deciding the room’s mood

Each room features an individual mood. Or a mood that you desire to specifically create for it. For example, if you desire your master bedroom to feature a relaxing environment, then it makes lots of sense to opt for calming colours like lavender, blues, as well as cool greys. This is especially crucial when choosing your interior house colour. Reds and browns would not be your best bet here. Overlooking the mood you desire the room to signify and opting for colour only because it happens to be your present favourite could spell disaster.

  1. Creating a truly neutral or all-bright room

It is quite simple: if you have chosen a bright, bold wall, then cloak the rest of the room in more neutral, lighter colours so the mood is balanced, and the limelight is taken by the wall. Similarly, if you have opted for a colour that’s more muted for any wall inside your room, then it makes lots of sense to brighten the environment up with accents that are in contrasting, stronger colours. Eventually, you desire the room to feature a vibe that looks effortlessly put-together.

  1. Not paying attention to natural light

Neutral light is a major player in your room’s overall appearance – whether or not it’s painted. If your room obtains sufficient natural light, it is much easier to have a much wider variety of colours you can choose from. But if not, you then truly need to consider the truth that the room will appear closed-in and, thus, you will have to choose a lighter colour that does not appear too dramatic and also helps to open the room up a bit.

In conclusion, even though there are many others, these are the foremost paint colour blunders you must avoid when choosing interior as well as exterior house colours. If you can avoid the listed mistakes, then you will discover the entire experience of getting your house painted to be a lot less stressful.

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