A Complete SEO Guide To Video Embedding And Hosting

A lot of companies that invest in SEO Sydneyunderstand the benefits of video in search engine optimisation. A lot of companies want to increase their ranking with rich snippets in the organic search engine ranking while improving conversion rates with beautiful videos that show off their product in the best light possible. This article will help you understand some of the top benefits of embedding videos in your blog posts and pages.

Double the number of ranking keywords

When you compare pages with embedded videos to those that do not have embedded videos, you will realise that posts and pages with videos have more than double the number of keywords that rank in Google search on the first page.

Increases impressions, in clicks and average position

While embedding videos and using videos does not impact your SEO ranking, user satisfaction does. When users find content that is useful on your website, they are likely to stay on your pages for a while. They are likely to watch videos on your website instead of watching them from the video hosting provider. This means that they give google the impression of having quality content that keeps viewers on your pages for longer. You will start seeing significant results after some time.

Pages start ranking in the video search tab

Within any google SERP, there are 5 additional tabs that users can click on. When you click on the video tab, you will realise that your blog post is among the video tables even if you just embedded your videos on your website. This means that your SEO agency could start using the embed feature to enable your pages to rank in the video search tab.

Because one click on the post in the video search tab takes searchers back to your site, and not the video hosting company, it is worth trying to include embedded videos on your pages. You want to send traffic to your website and not the video hosting platform where you lose control of your profits and gain no conversions.

This is where firms that host videos fail in their SEO strategy. By not embedding videos in a page that is contextually relevant, google will rank the video from the video host platform and your website will never see the traffic. This is why you should only embed videos that relate to your title and the general content on your page. For example, you do not want to include a video that teaches people how to trade on a page that talks about video production. This will lead to a high bounce rate and harm your SEO strategy.

Engage more visitors

Some of your website visitors don’t want to read text content and would rather watch videos. Google knows who these people are. This is why when you have embedded videos on your pages, google will direct such visitors to your site. This will boost your SEO Sydney and you will see a significant increase in your visitors.

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