Articulated Mannequins|What To Know About

Mannequins or articulated mannequins are sculpted dolls which are often seen in display windows of shops or stores in shopping malls, bazaars and markets. Mannequins are mostly made with polystyrene or fiberglass. Both the materials are hard plastic. Mannequins are also to be human replicas because very much resemble to humans in their synaptic maps. Mannequins are sculpted to be human replicas therefore they have jointed body parts which can be moved in motions same as humans can move their body parts.

These jointed body parts allow mannequins to be positioned in different poses. With their jointed parts like arms, legs, shoulders and knees they can be positioned in sporty and eye catching positions which really do grab the attraction of people. Most mannequins have locked joints in their body parts; this allows more difficult positions to be made. Like a man sitting on a motor bike is a difficult position for a mannequin, not difficult for us but it is difficult for a mannequin but with the help of locked joints they can be easily positioned in many difficult and sporty poses.

Articulated mannequins are made with such material which gives their skin very much clarity. So the person seeing the mannequin can see more little details. Mannequins are mostly used to display products in the display window. If a jeweler wants to display his jewelry in the display he wants mannequin who gives very clarity in features like nose, ears, lips, neck etc. therefore the material used in manufacturing of mannequins is such that it gives clarity to its features.

A dress designer store with variety of both male and female stuff needs mannequins of the same gender also. Therefore mannequins are available in many variants of male, female and kids, so that a very huge audience from the society can be targeted. Right now pose able mannequins leave no audience from the society which they cannot target because with male, female and kids variants they have also different sizes, colors and shapes.

Adjustable mannequins are used in many disciplines of life. They are used in medical science, military, movies, scientific experiments, criminal investigations, courts and there are many fields which do use mannequins. But the most common use of mannequins however is in the display windows.

Mannequins are mostly made with polystyrene and fiberglass because they are frequently used in display windows but the material used for manufacturing mannequins depends on their purpose for which they are going to be used. They are also used with wax, plaster, foam and with wood too in some cases.

The use of mannequins in display windows has generalized them very much. Now they are often seen in small shops. Mannequins have become so useful for retailers as if a store which does not have a store for display window place mannequins outside their shops. Mannequins are very lightweight and can be transported easily. But they need to be handled with care.

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