Common Questions To Ask About Working With A Food Distributor


If you have spent a lot of years in the hospitality business then you should know that working with gourmet food wholesalers Australia is not as easy as it sounds. Aside from negotiating for the best prices, you will have to maintain constant communication with the distributors to ensure that your needs are met. If there is a change of plans, you should let your distributor know about it in advance so that they can increase or reduce the supply of food. 

The freshness and quality of the products you buy through a wholesaler or distributor are crucial to the operational success of your business, but the consistent product variety, delivery, service and price play important roles. 

Choosing the right wholesaler is the first step if you want to get the most out of your wholesaler. Aside from that, you should ask the following questions to ensure you are getting the most out of your distributor or supplier. 

Are my specific needs being met?

Whether you are looking for a new wholesaler or evaluating your current one, this is the question you should answer before others. You should make a thorough list of your ingredients, quantities and how frequently you want them replenished. You should list specialty food items and so on. 

You may find that your business inventory list cannot be fulfilled by a single wholesaler or distributor which is not uncommon. You need to ask if you can get a few samples of their products. Your customers have standards and you have to ensure that your gourmet food wholesalers meet those standards.

Can you accommodate my schedule? 

You should not ask what the schedule of your distributor is but you should instead let them know your ideal delivery calendar. A good distributor will work with you to meet your needs. You should ask for clarification to ensure a food distributor will meet your expectations. Do they deliver on holidays and weekends? Is there a timeframe they guarantee? Can they drop products even when you have closed your restaurant? These, among others, are some of the most important questions you should ask. 

Do you have order quantity maximums and minimums? 

The order maximums and minimums of a distributor can influence your inventory. The delivery requirements of a vendor must balance with the needs of your kitchen, minimise waste, and ensure that you are getting products that meet your customer demand. 

What about pricing? 

A lot of stable products are similarly priced between vendors. Whilst price is very important, cheaper products are better if it means compromising freshness and quality. If you want to make a dent in the pricing, you should ask if there are volume discounts. 

How do you view the relationship? 

Services set any company apart including gourmet food wholesalers Australia. You should therefore choose a partner who cares about your success by staying on top of food trends, assigning one accessible and dedicated salesperson to your account, and being responsible for handling occasional issues such as spoiled food, late deliveries or inconsistent supply.

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