Which is the Best Study Material for Students of ICSE Board?

Best Study Material for Students of ICSE Board

ICSE Board exams are a tough nut to crack for the students. Rigorous and exhaustive preparation is required in order to score well. The board exams cannot be taken lightly if the student wishes to score more than 90%. Practising the solutions on a regular basis along with revision before the exams helps students to obtain good marks. Mathematics is one of the difficult subjects which requires good conceptual knowledge to solve complex problems effortlessly.

Choosing the right study material for this purpose might be a difficult task for the students. There are numerous outdated study materials available in the current market. Students must first understand the latest syllabus designed by the ICSE board and choose the reference guide based on their needs. Selina Concise Mathematics Class 8 Solutions are available in PDF format which can be downloaded and referred by the students while answering the textbook questions.

Students must clearly understand the concepts in Class 8 as it sets a strong knowledge of basic concepts which would be continued in higher classes as well. The solutions are designed by a set of highly qualified faculty members having vast experience in the respective subject. The main aim of providing solutions is to help students ace the exam without fear.

Importance of Selina textbooks for ICSE students:

1. Strictly follows ICSE curriculum

The textbooks are designed by knowledgeable experts as per the syllabus designed by the ICSE board. Important concepts are explained in a simple language to make it easy for the students to understand. It covers all the important topics which are necessary for the students from the exam perspective.

2. Number of problems to practice

ICSE Selina textbooks contain numerous problems which can be solved by the students to understand the concepts easily. The solutions are explained in a comprehensive way to help students to get a clear idea about the method of solving complex problems. Examples are present before the exercise wise problems to help students to solve problems without any difficulty.

3. Best for ICSE Board exams

The problems in the Selina textbooks are answered in a step wise manner with explanations in a simple language for a better understanding among students. The main aim is to focus on the marks allotted for each step as per the ICSE exam pattern. This improves the problem solving skills among students which is important from the exam point of view.

4. Clear fundamental concepts

Selina books are not only sufficient to cover the ICSE syllabus but are also enough to cover all the basics and fundamental concepts in simple and easy language. This mainly helps students to make their concepts crystal clear as it would be continued in higher classes also. Once the concepts are clear, there is no need for the students to mug up difficult topics a few days before the exam.

So from the above mentioned points we get to know that Selina textbooks are one of the best study material which the students can rely on to prepare for their exams. Various problems present in the textbook helps students to improve their time management skills and their approach towards solving complex problems. Students appearing for the board exams can also refer to Selina Class 10 Maths Solution to boost their confidence.

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