Bunk beds: Know its history

Even though it is not possible to verify the debut or inception of the bunk bed, there is simply no denying this particular aspect that these beds are being used for a very long time. Standard bunk beds, futon bunk beds and loft beds have been used in some form or the other.  They are said to have occupied the hearts of the children and the parents and their bedroom for generations. Using such beds is immense fun and it does offer a good amount of comfort and relaxation.

Its history

Although it is not possible to trace the roots of bunk beds and its place of origin, there are many people who are of the opinion that it was the ancient Egyptians who are to be credited for this type of bed. It was they perhaps who had perhaps come up with the concept and idea of bunk beds. There are not left any visual evidence to prove the same. However, it can be assumed safely that the ancient Egyptians used loft beds which appeared quite different to that of the comfortable, modern bunkers which are used today. As a matter of fact, bunk beds of today can be stated to have come a very long way with time. One can buy bunk beds with stairs online that will offer maximum comfort and relaxation.

Modern bunk beds

Today’s funky and modern bunk beds can be found in myriad of shapes, designs, materials and colors. During the early modern days, the popular bunk beds simply came with two boxy same sized and shaped beds that were perched one atop the other. It was a testament for function, if not for form. But in the last few decades, bunks are now commercially available. They can be found in equal parts sleeping gadgets combined with equal parts of art work. The fact is bunk beds with stairs for sale presently has evolved not just to be used in the bedroom, but also an important focal point of any home.

Types of bunk beds

It is possible to come across bunk beds created from superior quality wood materials like walnut or maple types. There are many who might be interested in getting something more powerful. Therefore, they may prefer purchasing iron or metallic based bunk beds. Besides the materials used for constructing such type of beds, splashes of personality and colors are also infused into them to make them appear exciting and lively. Silver, black, dark blue, bright white, cherry colored and other types of tones and hues can be found in the market and placed in the children’s bedrooms. The bunk beds found today are very much different from the ones that were used by the ancient Egyptians.


It is another place where advancements have taken place. Conventional twin is available over the twin bunk beds. Also, twin over full bunk beds can also be found. Bunk beds having full sized bed at bottom including simple twin bed sitting present on its top can also be availed.

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