How you can leverage the skill shortage in data analytics

Too much dynamism in a field of work may lead to many things but what it definitely leads to is a hard time for the businesses to acquire and retain talent. 40% of the global business houses that intend on robustly using analytics technology to take their business forward are perpetually stalled by the lack of able analysts and data scientists. The International Data Corporation (IDC) had predicted that the world will face a shortage of 180,000 professionals with advanced analytics skills and five times more personnel with mid-level expertise in data management, warehousing, etc. The prediction has come true and things look bleak for large companies as well as startups.

The situation in India

India currently accounts for 1 of 10 analytics opportunities; it has the most number of vacancies in data analytics after the USA. So, India quite obviously deserves a special mention. According to a report on the Times of India there are 76,000 analytics roles to be filled immediately. The employment opportunities in the data oriented fields have increased by 70% in the last couple of years and the talent pool is just not ready.

What might be the principal reason?

As said earlier the field of data science and data analytics has too much flux to handle. The skills relevant today might just become totally obsolete in less than a year. The colleges and the universities which have somehow managed to integrate data science programmes are struggling when it comes to cope with the changing modalities of the industries. Quite naturally candidates graduating with a degree in data science, however small the number may be, are often not in the best shape for the industry. This leads to a predicament for both the candidates and the recruiters.

For instance right now the recruiters want professionals with statistical knowledge, computing and coding skills and business understanding. On top of that the candidates may have mastery of certain analytical tools. Such packages are difficult to come by. There is surely a lot of personnel who match these requirements but demand wins against supply by an overwhelming margin.

The remedies

Firstly, there is in house training; the companies sponsor or arrange relevant re-skilling for their employees. This prepares you for the role the company wants you to play. And this might not always be to your personal interest.

The more viable option is enrolling for analytics training in the many big data analytics training institutes that are facilitating candidates with industry relevant analytics and data science education.

If you take India for instance, the facilities for big data analytics training in Bangalore are contributing greatly towards formulating a functional workforce. The courses are designed in a manner as to train the students with what they need immediately as well as what might work as a platform for further studies. You can interact with industry experts who can guide you in terms of deciding the proper course of action. Big data academies operating from Delhi have also made quite an impact on the workforce. Right now the Indian analytics scenario is greatly dependent on the analytics training institute. It may serve you well to get enrolled in one of them to bag the opportunities that are waiting for takers.

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