Ceiling Lights: Types and Benefits

Generally, fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs are used as ceiling lighting accessories. There exist a variety of shapes, styles, and colors of ceiling lights that make the light to form a decorative element in the room. The decorative ceiling lights can provide a style statement to the modern rooms.

In a smaller room, often, a single ceiling light fixture will provide adequate lighting for the entire room. If a single ceiling light or a few of them don’t provide adequate lighting, then it is best to use recessed lighting that avoids clutter. Using multiple ceiling lighting accessories clutters up the light cluttered and recessed cans will be simple and clean.

Ceiling lighting accessories also provide a good lighting source for outsized rooms. Ceiling lights provide the most efficient ways to light up large rooms and areas, and are the lighting solution for most commercial and residential areas. Therefore, keeping in mind the type and needs, we can decide as to whether the specific space is more in need of any decorative lighting or just simple clutter free lighting.

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Ceiling Lighting Accessories: Types

There are two basic types of ceiling lights:

  • Flush mounts: These are the ceiling lights that get attached to the ceiling and there is little to no gap between the ceiling and the light fixture.
  • Semi-flush mounts: These are ceiling lights that are attached to the ceiling using a stem or part that creates a gap between the light and the ceiling.

Both the above types of ceiling lights are resourceful. They are best to provide general illumination and are also practical in high usage areas, also in the rooms with lower ceilings. The flush-mount lights and semi-flush-mount lights can be used in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, foyer, hallway, office or pantry.

However, ceiling lighting accessories should be chosen such that they match with the rest of the lighting in homes.

If we think beyond the basics i.e. beyond the flush mount and the semi-flush ceiling lights, many styles and designs are available, which can be used to modernize homes and to provide elegant and stylish looks to the homes.

Ceiling lights also work well in areas of the house that often get less focus. Great for hallways, ceiling lights should be installed every 8′-10′ for safety and a nice general illumination. And in the closet, the right ceiling light can make finding the perfect outfit a snap.

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