Why are Data Science Certifications Important?

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Data science has been growing at a phenomenal speed. With the exponential increase in data across organizations, the demand for professionals who can use this data and resolve business problems is increasing. Looking at the prospective benefits of using data, companies are hiring data science professionals. Beyond this, prospective growth rate and lucrative salaries are attracting professionals from a wide range of professions, making it highly challenging for organizations to hire data scientists and other data-related roles.

Standardizing data science skills is important. In this direction, data science certifications are helpful. Here are some reasons that make data science a good choice.

Standardizing data science skills

  1. Given data science professionals are coming from different backgrounds, it makes it challenging for companies to find the best among thousands of employees. As data scientists are supporting enterprises on critical issues it is imperative that there are standards in place for the profession.
  2. A global certification program would make it is easier to ensure consistency, compliance, and service across the board. A globally recognized certification is used by organizations to assess the capabilities of a data science professional against world standards. Such a standard would provide a reliable measure for organizations to recognize career progression.
  3. A data science certification would work as a medium for enhanced value and visibility for data science professionals. It offers data scientists a way to differentiate themselves as experienced professionals with proven results. As an employer needs to know the current and potential employees have the knowledge, skills, and experience for the role, a certification would justify the skills of an employee. Vendor certifications that are product knowledge-based require professionals to deliver business value on relevant projects.

Popular certifications for Data Scientists

A few bodies are already in this space and have made a mark in the data science industry.

  1. DASCA (Data Science Council of America): This is a leading international body in this space. It offers six different certifications for professionals with all levels of experience. All six certifications are globally recognized and give employers a sense of achievement made in their roles. Six certifications cover all levels of data science roles including data analysts, Big Data Engineers, and Data Scientists.
  2. IBM – The technology giant offers a professional certificate in data science. This certification is offered in collaboration with edX and taught by IBM experts.
  3. DELL EMC – Dell offers two data science certifications—Dell EMC Associate (DSA) and Dell EMC Specialist (DCS- DS) meant for beginners and seasoned professionals respectively. These certifications require rigorous practice and learning to qualify certifications.
  4. Microsoft – It offers an intermediate data science certification to establish yourself as an expert to implement data science solutions on proprietary Azure Machine Learning Service.
  5. Cloudera – This is a leading technology body in data science. It offers beginner and advanced level data science certifications – Data Analyst and Data Scientist respectively.

Certifications will act as tangible evidence of professional skills. As the demand for data science professionals increases, certifications will be valuable for professionals to prove themselves in the crowded job market.

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