Definition, Features And Benefits Of Co Working Space

A co working space is a place or area for office, desk for individual, meeting room, conference hall etc. The aim of this system is to encourage the young entrepreneur to start a new business. It helps to increase the chain supply to clients. Co working is a process to share the workplace and work environment. The place can be shared for office purpose or for event purpose. Here, different workers can work in the same place though they are not from the same company or organization. Workers can enjoy the feel of work from home. Workers from a different field visit frequently in office when they needed. In the office, they can manage an isolation place to complete the work quickly.

Co-working space is very good for the freelancers. They can arrange their working hours according to their choice. They can work in a community and not in the isolation at their homes. They will also be able to enjoy the office culture like desks, meeting rooms, kitchens. This will encourage them for better work. Apart from this work culture and energy, cost cutting is another important factor. One can rent only a desk according to his wish on a monthly basis or daily basis even on the hourly basis as well. If you use a desk shared by others cost will be minimum. Working in a separate cabin like space it will cost you more. Usually small business teams, freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs are those people who have this co-working culture. But now forward looking big companies are also adapting this culture in their business as well.

According to Spinuzzitherare, two main configurations of co working:

1. Good co worker neighbor: Co working space is a place where different works collaborate and are flowing parallel. Here you can get help from other employees those are mentioned here as a neighbor.
2. Good co working partners: the nature of association with partners means the thinking of your partner towards you and the work.
Gandini (2015) figures out two main different natures of co working – a transitional way between a freelance work and a standard work. The second one is co-working which explain the term – sharing the same workplace with different workers in the same project.
Features of Co working Space-
Co working place provides us either all or few of the following given points.
1. Co working place is a place where small, young entrepreneurs can get a wide area with table and desk sometimes with computers also.
2. A perfect workplace, where you can stay with your staffs in a comfortable space.
3. A cafe or a social place where your staffs can spend some good or social times with each other.
4. Conference rooms for office meetings when required.
5. Different workshops for different events or workshops.

If you are looking for a co working space in Delhi then you are in right place. In Delhi, new entrepreneurs are trying to raise their business. So, this type of co-working space is very demanding and useful to new workers and entrepreneurs.

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