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If you are a wealthy man and possess more than one car, and you are searching for options other than selling your older car, it is time you consider charity. A charitable soul knows the value of charity and looks for options where he can contribute to the society. Giving money away helps the poor in different ways, but there are times when one can do charity efficiently without spending saved up money. For instance, if you happen to have an old car that has inconvenient mileage and is not efficient for you, you might sell it off for a minimum price but if you choose to give it away, you help many souls. The little resale value your old car will earn will not be much. If you give that money to charity and the charity company uses the money to buy a car, there will be a significant chance of the company buying a faulty car which is in worse position than yours. Of course there is always a chance of the opposite happening, but if you give your car to a charity directly, you can stay assured of the condition of the car they are going to use. Therefore, you can Donate Car to Charity California that serves as the best option to make good use of your car.

1. Junk cars to charity

If yours is a junk car then that is another story, in California there are several companies that accept junk cars as charity. The seller of the junk cars here do not get the resale value which will be a negligible amount, instead s/he can contribute to the society in a different manner. Research says that 42% of steel in new industries came from donated junk cars. It does not need to be said that this is a huge amount of steel that has come from junk cars. If this turns into a custom to donate junk cars instead of selling them, with recycling them a lot can be made. The changes visualized will be revolutionary, should every junk car be processed properly. Some of the cars which are not in a working condition need to be repaired instead of being recycled. Not all junk cars can be repaired; some junk cars which can be repaired earn a good amount of money for the owner, when sold.

2. Charity over selling

There is another option which must be mentioned here. When someone decides not to sell a product, there are some hassles which that person chooses to avoid. If you are going to sell a car, you will naturally have to undergo the hassle of advertisement, finding a proper buyer. There is also a good amount of possibility that the buyer will not buy your product. In that case, you will have to undergo the same process all over again. All for naught, you will probably not manage to get a good price for your second hand car but have to withstand these hassles. If you choose charity, there is this added benefit of avoiding all these and simply give it away to an organization that will use your car for a purpose. There are several non-governmental organizations that look for used cars for the purposes they serve to the society. If not directly, you can always choose to serve it indirectly, as you Donate Car to Charity California.

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3. Hassles of selling

There are other details of the procedure of selling a car, one has to hand over all the papers and transfer the car officially to the next owner; it is a long procedure and takes considerable amount of time. The buyer checks all the mechanical aspect of the car, should the condition of the car be not as per buyer’s need there should be negotiation of amount. In one sentence, it is a long tiring process. Moreover, car owners have to take up additional expenditure of maintaining a car. Save taxes, there are regular oil checks and other checks to be performed on the car to make sure that it is not polluting the environment. Charity is the best option if you are a wealthy owner and do not want to take up all these time consuming problems but want to get rid of your old car as soon as possible. Good charitable organizations provide perks of donating. You shall earn membership of an organisation and be part of next projects taken up by that organization.

4. Why charity?

Charity shows spiritual growth of a person, a charitable person knows about the warm feeling of giving something to someone. A responsible wealthy citizen keeps on giving away essentials for the poor or spend money directly. Donating a car will not only get you rid of your problems relating your old car, but also give you a spiritual push. If a bunch of people who really need to use a car get their hands on your car, which you barely use, it is bound to make them happy. Happiness, then becomes your gift to your society.

Your old car might have many interior facilities and external features which you now hardly put to use. In some old cars, there are comfortable leather seats instilled in. a charitable organization knows how to introduce comfort in someone’s life who has never known the meaning of it. Your car might have a powerful engine, which does not run regularly now because you commute in your new car most of the time. Should an organisation choose to turn your car into an ambulance or a vehicle solely for emergency purposes, the powerful engine will be put to good use.

Lastly, there are many reasons why one should donate a car instead of selling it. There are many reasons why one should not. Ultimately, it all depends on the mindset of the person who is to donate the car. If you possess a fully functional car, then as mentioned before it can be put to various good uses by a charitable organization. You can chance upon your own car carrying homeless men to shelter on your way to office. It shall be treat to experience that..

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