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Graduation Tips and Ideas That Everyone Should Know


There are many things you need to do to make your University of Tasmania graduation better and memorable. After working hard, the whole semester, your graduation day is finally here. It is time to appreciate your efforts and celebrate. University graduations should be done in style. All you need to know is that a university graduation is not all that smooth as many people think. It can be stressful. From veteran tips to styling tips, here are some ideas and tips for your graduation.

Dress to impress

Graduation should not be boring. You also need to stand out and mix style and comfort. You should put on age appropriate clothes. Your attire should be semi-formal and comfortable. It should be easy to move in and show your personality. You should not wear patterns underneath your gown if it is white to avoid showing the patterns. Generally, the graduation gown is what will make you stand out.

Decorate your graduation cap

Not all schools or universities allow decorating graduation caps but if your institute does allow, it can be really fun to show your personality by personalising your graduation cap on your graduation day. You need to do research before the graduation day to know various designs that will make your cap to stand out.

Get a photographer

You need to take some nice photos while wearing your UTAS graduation gown hire. You can get a family member or a friend to be your photographer if you don’t have enough money to hire a professional photographer. You need to have someone who knows how to take photos so that you prevent any missed shots. Make sure the photographer you pick has a nice camera and plan where your photographer will stand so that you know where to look when walking to the stage.

Carry extra shoes

Heels may look good as you walk across to get your degree but if you stay in heels for too long, you can experience trouble with your legs. Make sure you carry an extra pair of comfortable shoes to wear after taking photos.

Arrive early

You probably don’t want to come to your graduation late. This will stress you and it can make your family and friends miss out on important things. You should plan early and arrive early to get enough time to find seats for you and everyone else accompanying you.

Ready your hair

If you have ever graduated you probably know that graduation caps are not fashionable. They don’t fit properly on most heads and they can mess up your hairstyle. You should plan early and choose a hairstyle that will go well with the cap.


Most graduations are done outside (in the open) and the tents might not be enough for everyone. You need to plan early and get sunscreen because you can find yourself sitting in the sun. You need to protect your skin to avoid sunburns.

Eat beforehand

University of Tasmania graduation event or ceremony can take longer than you expect. You can find yourself starving. Make sure you eat a heavy breakfast that will sustain you throughout the whole graduation ceremony.

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