How Bachao video was launched at Assam?


Congress is one of the major political parties in India. They launched different schemes for the people which brought them to view new terms. Recently, the campaign an innovative idea in Assam to gain or to attract the people votes for the election. The concept that they provided was the Assam Bachao video concept which was held on Tuesday. It is just like other concepts of their party to motivate the voters which was in a successful way and also through providing the prizes like iPhones and much more to spread their term over Assam.

How to the concept of Bachao video?

This Assam Bachao Video concept was about how the issues were shot nearly two minutes by the voters in their blog using hashtag along with the name of the issue. This was said by Bora in a press conference. Their criteria lie based on the eligibility of the participants, leaders, committee members, and other people who are ever interested in the contest and only people who are in the age of 18 and above. They added additional features people whomever also living in another country but have to be Assam people, can also participate in the contest. The data related to this contest was announced by Gaurav Gogoi, at the headquarters of the Congress committee and going to be executed in few days. The best video among the received video can be awarded the cash prizes along with an iPhone which pays attention to this information of this committee.

How it is advance among the people?

This idea of congress helps the people to know about the issues happening in their places and also to know how big the issue is. Video nearly about two minutes will be released on the public platform to know about the problems and dilemmas happening and for the people other than Indian people that is wide to learn about the happenings in that places which will be released on the social media that are of the congress party. This helps the government to know about the issues and paves solve those kinds of problems.

Every posted video will be seen by the congress members and will give possible solutions to those problems. The video which is shared more and seen by many people will be awarded has the first prize. Hence, this concept about the video is said as an innovative idea by the members of the congress party. People who are all wishing can post their video on the following website:

Does price reach the people?

The Congress organization head concluded that if they come to the ruling party, they will sort all the struggles and difficulties of people facing. A leader of the Congress party has confessed that the price will be in the power of youth with some amount of incentives since youth are those who protect India against the hands of other opposition parties.

BJP party has decided for a video contest participation in Assam, where Congress will be helping them to give proper peace and prosperity to the Assam people. People who are interested and we’ll know regarding the contest order be sharing this with their friends because the small-time video conference initiative will change the lives of affected people with the help of the Congress party and their support.

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