How Can Retirees Choose The Right Financial Planning Services?

Financial security ranks high on the list of priorities for retirees and pre-retirees. It’s no surprise that once you stop working, you also stop bringing home a regular paycheck; you have to rely on the money you’ve saved up over the years to see you through the final stretch of your life. This is the reason why very few retirees take unnecessary risks with their nest egg. If you make a financial mistake, you might not get a second chance.

Ideally, your investments should be safe enough to preserve your principal while being risky enough to provide reasonable returns. The achievement of such a delicate balance between growth and security will make the next few decades of your life completely stress-free and help you do things you always wanted to without constantly thinking about your income. However, that is easier said than done, especially considering the multitude of complex and confusing investment options available. You obviously want to put your finances in the right vehicle, but how do you negotiate the numerous investment choices? The answer is financial planning services, namely a good, reliable company that you can trust with your savings. But how do you determine whether a specific company has your best interests at heart? Remember the following few points during your research phase:

Use Search Engines

Where to start? – That’s the big question a lot of retirees and pre-retirees have. The easiest answer is search engines. Online search engines have proven to be a boon to retired individuals as it easily helps them narrow down the search for a financial planning expert within their zip code. It also enables them to quickly check whether the professional has the credentials they are looking for.

Look for a Financial Planning Service with a Good Reputation

Not all financial planning organizations have the same sort of credentials. Customers always prefer companies whose team members have reliable credentials. When you’re close to retirement, it’s always a good idea to look for people who possess specialized training.

Another great method of gauging the trustworthiness and performance of a financial planning service provider are the customer testimonials. Reading them will give you a good idea of who you’re dealing with.

Know More About the Different Financial Service Offerings

Some companies provide financial planning services but do not offer investment management. Others are skilled in retirement income planning focusing on the distribution phase but lack the knowledge about the accumulation phase. So, never rush when it comes to hiring a financial planning service you find on the Internet; research about a potential company, and check whether they provide the services you require – in this case, financial planning.

Extent of Service

A good financial planning service makes certain that retirees and pre-retirees opt for a more holistic approach when it comes to retirement planning. It is the responsibility of the service to make sure that all other priorities are accounted for, like savings for your children’s higher education, healthcare, and emergency fund.

According to a report published by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services, 56 percent of retirees prefer to take care of their own financial planning while 38 percent believe they do not require any professional advice. These people are more likely to trust the advice given by their friends and family. This is quite unfortunate as it not only leaves them vulnerable to financial losses but also puts their nest egg at risk. Instead, retirees and pre-retirees should choose the right financial planning services based on service, product knowledge, and trust. A proper finance advisor can impart the tolerance and knowledge they need to invest wisely.

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