How Do You Lower Your Electricity Bill?

Electricity Bill

Consumers have many ways to lower electric bills including load orchestration which is either very popular amongst users, or, unheard of. If you have not heard of load orchestration you might want to question your electricity suppliers. Load orchestration is a way of sharing your electrical loads. It is a way to monitor your electrical usage, to know when the more expensive times are, to use electricity bill at low periods instead of peak periods, and to share loads. Sharing a load of electricity is, for example, sharing electricity between the washing machine or dishwasher and the swimming pool cleaner.

How do electricity loads get shared

How your loads get shared, via load controllers,  depends on how you use electricity and where your usage is greatest. A load controller comes with an app. The app is put in by your electricity supplier and will monitor and control your loads for you. It is easy, it is simple and it is money-saving, and that is what consumers want.

Load orchestration or load sharing is not the only way to bring your bills down but it will make a significant difference. And once the system is installed, you don’t have to do a thing. Other ways that consumers lower their electric bills is by switching off lights and keeping them switched off when not in use, switching off the appliance at the wall when they are not in use, keeping geysers off except for an hour or so before shower or bath, and the obvious one, going solar. Solar is probably the best option, but it is not always an option in all climates.

Chat to your electricity supplier about your options when it comes to electricity. You may be paying far more than you need to pay and load orchestration will make a big difference, very very quickly.

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