How Limestone Cleaner works

Limestone a fairly soft rock is a sedimentary by its origin and formation normally used for flooring, wall tiles, pavements etc. Owing to its soft nature, they can be easily scratched, damaged by heat, and imprinted by acidic substances. Inappropriate cleaning can damage the stone.

If they are cleaned with strong acidic substances not having neutral pH they are harmful as they break down the surface of limestone.

Cleaning Limestone

Aggregate the limestone cleaning supplies: For cleaning the limestone floors, cleaner needs the vacuum, broom, or dry mop. For cleaning the limestone floor you need mild soap or detergent which is usually used, but one may require soap designed specifically for limestone cleaning. Adding to it, cleaner also need a bucket and some soft towels as the rough towels may put scratches on the soft outer covering of limestone.

Clean the Stains: Removing stains may require poultice a paste mixture made up by taking appropriate quantity of flour and adding little amounts of hydrogen peroxide. This paste is applied to the limestone floor where the stains are visible and pet to dry for a day or two, once dried, carefully removed them by using a soft cloth.

Vacuum and dry wipe the limestone cleaned surface: Limestone cleaner can vacuum limestone floors but very carefully to avoid scratching to its soft surface. Use of vacuum to the surface of limestone by the cleaner carefully removes sand and dirt from cracks and crevices. One can also use the broom or dry mop to clean up any dirt and debris on the limestone floors, instead of doing vacuuming. Limestone counters and walls are cleaned using soft dry cloth to remove as dirt.

Limestone tile wet cleaning: For cleaning the limestone floor cleaner needs the bucket full of warm water with soap mixed in. Cleaner wipe other surfaces, mop the stone floors, with the mixture.

Rinse limestone tile: It is the fact that often seen, soap left after cleaning the surface will pull dirt and speed up the accretion of dirt. To remove this rinse it to give the fresh look to the marble.

Limestone sealant: With the time acidic spills and basic cleaning can wear the sealant of the limestone. Again applying the sealant can help in giving a beautiful look to the limestone which is free from stains and damage.

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