HR Certifications: The Reliable Pay-Hike Instruments

HR Certiifcations

As an hr professional, you intend to earn a handsome pay, which you rightfully deserve. But, who recruiters pay the highest are the individuals with valid and relevant credentials to prove their skill expertise.

And how do you earn industry-specific skill credentials in quick time?

By enroling in online certification programs that provides you with credibility in the concerned industry within in a short span of time.

Relation Between Acquiring HR Certifications & Earning Potential

As per PayScale, an hr training certification help you get remunerations way above than average at all levels of hr hierarchy. HR managers witness a remuneration difference as high as $10,000 a year when it comes to comparison of a certified professional with a non-certified hr professional.

The Role of Place of Residence in the US

In the US, the area you live in makes a lot of difference in terms of your pay as an hr professional. For instance, as per the same PayScale report, cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC, and Dallas pay you up to $20,000 more per year if you are a certified hr professional or an aspirant.  

As per a study, 93% of hr professionals that possess skill credentials in hr, earn more than those not been credentialed.  

Hiring Decisions Get Affected Provided One is Certified or Not

Being certified helps in more than ways you can ever imagine. Not only the chances of getting promoted increase but being a fresher, you are given preferential treatment when armed with an hr credential. Certified individuals in the hr sector are 37% more prone to work promotion. Certified professionals get promoted within a period of five years on average.

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, candidates armed with a master’s degree, and having a professional credential under their name have the best chances to crack a job interview in the hr domain. More so, certifications sometimes, act as tie-breakers among candidates having a similar educational background and work experience. 

Professional Credentials in HR Serve as a Proof of Professionalism

By enrolling themselves in a certification program, and successfully completing it, demonstrates the candidate’s interest in the related field. Being certified serves as evidence of commitment to the field you work in. 

Credentialed professionals are known to perform better at their respective jobs within the hr sector. The reason could be a greater degree of commitment towards the job responsibilities.

Certifications Act as a Living Proof to the Acquired Skillset

You keep yourself in close contact with the best practices being observed in the hr space across the globe when learning industry-relevant concepts and things under a certification program. 

An Abundance of Networking Opportunities

By getting yourself enrolled in an hr certification program, you get to meet like-minded people, who too, have registered for the same, or similar, hr credentialing program. Besides, many times, you get the opportunity of being trained by the domain experts, which eventually leads to making solid connections with industry professionals within the concerned sector.

You get to attend informative webinars, and online video conferences, that constitute global industry leaders in the hr business function. 

Closing Thoughts

No matter, what hr certification program you choose, being equipped with any hr credential relevant to the sector can get you ahead in the race. You not only get more opportunities in terms of being considered for work promotions, but you also can demand higher remunerations compared to others in the same industry.

And most importantly, you are taken way more seriously by recruiters at any stage of your hr career, having been certified.



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