Kitchens of the future: 3 things to expect in coming years!

For years, movies and cartoons have given us a picture or concept of futuristic kitchens. While we don’t yet have robots to cook, do the dishes and wipe the counters, technology’s taking over our kitchens by storm! Rather than peering a hundred years into the future, lets’ have a look at what to expect from technology of today shaping latest kitchen designs of tomorrow!


The world in a touch

The last ten years has seen touchscreen technology being integrated into almost everything we do, including kitchens as well. Even today, there’re many different kitchen appliances bearing touchscreen interface and display units. In near future, this particular would rule worktops and backsplashes as well and here’s a hint to get you familiar with it!

  1. The interactive worktops

Takeaway and ready-to-cook meals are consumed more than ever! This trend concludes that more and more people are falling out of love with the traditional cooking but not for long as interactive tables bearing touchscreen interface is about to rebound the things back again! The technology is aimed to make cooking easier, quicker and more appealing so that you can enjoy healthy homemade food.

Integrated scales and thermometer would allow you to get the exact proportion for the cakes and other baking stuff with the appropriate temperature. You no longer need to drag out a measuring scale separately or worry over the temperature if it’s giving the right heat or too low for instance! A micro camera above the table and integrated Wi-Fi transform the very concept of a simple worktop.

All you need is placing an item or ingredient on the surface and the table would recognise it automatically alongside revealing is nutritional details and potential recipes you can make out of it! That’s not all; if you place two or more items altogether on the table’s surface, it’s ought to show multiple recipes you can come up with by combining all the items which is totally fantastic!

In latest kitchen designs, induction technology is already available whereas interactive worktop allows you placing a pan anywhere, activate the cooking mechanism and the process would start. The rest of the surface would remain cool for you to easily touch whereas the area underneath the cookware would immediately cool once you remove the pan.

Taking technology to the next level is immediate access for recipes and how-to videos over the internet using touchscreen keyboard.

  1. Intelligent backsplashes

In many modern homes, the concept of kitchen being heart of a home is the story of yesteryears. However, interactive backsplash technology is on its way to change everything and promises returning the kitchen its lost glory.

Imagine a wall that displays your daily schedule, travel and weather updates, items in the fridge and what you can make from them the moment you step in the kitchen! The backsplash would use facial and voice recognition technology to display the correct information based on your requirements.

  1. A connected kitchen

Albeit slowly, the Internet of Things (IoT) has crawled into our kitchens following the last few years changing almost everything we do. A number of appliances including washing machines, ovens and refrigerators already host associated applications allowing you to control the appliances using your smart device on the go.

The latest kitchen designs also introduced the concept of connected functions taking smart applications to the next level. For instance, cameras within the refrigerators and freezing units that can tell if you’re running low on certain products or automatically regulate cooling per the items preserved!

How about ovens and kettles exploiting GPS tracking to turn ON automatically when you’re on your way home from work so that you get a pre-heated oven and boiled water every time. In short, future of smart kitchen appliances is bright and getting brighter so there’s more than meet the eye!

A word of favour to صور مطابخ for providing amazing inspiration around the topic.  So, what’d you expect from the kitchen in the next ten years? The above details surely shed light on the most interactive and intriguing technology we’re likely to see.

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