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The Major Challenges That Confront High-Rise Painting In Australia

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The rise in high-rise painting jobs has raised the need for rope access painting correspondingly. Is there anything like low-risk high-rise painting projects? Actually, there is. Multi-storied industrial and commercial buildings might bring a varying set of issues to painting applications, but with the appropriate equipment and contractors, proper respect for the height, and proper adherence to safety practices, you can successfully implement high-rise painting.


Handling heights

With high-rise painting applications, altitude is a key factor. Towering buildings require even more maintenance than traditional buildings due to the height factor. Here are some among the main reasons why the maintenance of tall buildings is a lot more issue-plagued than traditional buildings;

  1. Tall buildings can be seen from long distances. They seem to stand out within the general landscape. Should they appear dilapidated or dirty, they could turn into eyesores for the community.
  2. They absorb a lot more air pollutants due to high altitude. Gas emissions and smog rise up into atmospheric air and settle on the exterior of the building as tiny particles. Coupled with the weather, they could leave the building’s façade with dirty-looking stains and lines.
  3. These buildings pose much greater risks. Winds blowing at such high-altitude ca make work a lot more difficult. Conveying the crew, materials, and tools pose hazards if they aren’t done carefully.


Safety in high-rise painting

This type of painting projects must follow strict safety regulations every time. The painting contractor that will be offering rope access painting in Australia must address the following;

  1. Crew safety: High-rise painting contractors must be trained in painting safely at high altitudes. They should also be given safe resources and equipment. Their operating procedures must be implemented with safety in their minds. And emergency or support teams must always be available in case any unfortunate accidents occur.
  2. Tenant safety: High-rise painting must be safe for the occupants of the building that’s been painted. All those handling equipment and tools must completely observe safety measures. Primers, coatings, as well as solvents must be selected and applied in the appropriate manner, to ensure the safety and health of the tenants living in the building long after the painting project must have been completed.
  3. Passer-by safety: As the crew that is painting the high-rise building continues to work higher, the risk to traffic and other passers-by down below is correspondingly increased. Any debris or tools that might fall down from such high altitudes could cause serious injuries to the people that are down below. So, it is a must that the contractor must observe all safety guidelines to ensure that those below and those passing by do not come to any harm from such falling objects.


High rise painting contractors offer services that include surface clean-ups, the reapplication of coatings when they chip or get damaged, and the application of decorative and protective coatings so as to restore the building’s appearance. These are all services that sometimes demand rope access painting. The work is tedious and requires intense attention to details and precise execution. It takes a real professional to work with the weather, gravity, and altitude simultaneously.

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