Making your magazine interactive with InDesign


Like any other market, the designing & publishing industry is also a competitive market. For any publication, either print or digital, to sell, it must be interesting and unique. For the most highly successful magazines in the market, one major factor has been focusing on the overall design.

As the various designing and digital publishing software programs have emerged in the market, many publishing houses have gone digital with their publishing, paving way for a new concept in the publishing industry which is an interactive magazine.
So, what is an interactive magazine and why should we pay attention to it? In this blog, you will get an answer to it.

Interactive Magazine
The digital technology has unlocked numerous possibilities for the publishing industry. Generally speaking, any magazine published on a digital platform capable of basic functions like touch and swipe can be called an interactive magazine.
As technology is getting advanced, the magazines are going through transitions. The designers are incorporating several multimedia elements to add more interactivity to the magazines.

Why Interactive?
After reading all this, you might wonder why should you be investing your time in making your magazine interactive. Why can’t the sale of your magazine only be premised on the quality of your content?
The logic is quite simple. In today’s scenario, most people prefer things to be simple, even though it might be a magazine.

Have you ever wondered why today’s youth prefer to read content on their mobile phones? It’s not because they wish to flaunt their expensive smartphone or show that they are tech-savvy. It’s just because of the ease of every information available at disposal. While reading an E-Magazine one can immediately search for any meaning or information on a particular topic on the internet.
In a nutshell, people want things on a platter. They don’t wish to turn several pages of a magazine when they can land to the exact page number with a single touch in an interactive E-magazine.

Which software is ideal for designing a magazine?
While interactivity is an essential factor to drive traffic to your magazine, the design of your magazine is also equally important. Furthermore, there should be harmony between the design, content, and the interactive elements of your magazine.

The best software to start with the designing of your magazine is Adobe InDesign. As a designing software, it incorporates the best tools to help you make a variety of interesting magazine designs. It’s for those who wish to be bang on with their designs and grab the attention of maximum readers.

How to make your magazine interactive?
Once you have worked on the designing part, it’s time to focus on making your magazine interactive. There are many services that provide a plugin for InDesign. That advantage of these plugins is one does not have to export the magazine to different software to re-work on making the magazine interactive.
With a single plugin, one can incorporate several multimedia elements like videos, audios, GIFs, and widgets to the magazine. The navigation and menu buttons can allow readers to easily switch between different articles or content. Not to mention that a subscribe button will keep the readers updated with the latest content.
For publishing your magazine, you can convert it to the mobile app format with the same plugin and choose any mobile app publishing service available in the market. The best part is that one doesn’t need to type even a single line of code. It’s as easy as simple drag and drop.

Marketing your magazine
When it comes to marketing your magazine, it’s just a matter of sharing the link with your target audience. You can use different marketing methods like social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, Blogs, etc.

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