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As soon as a fresh graduates from a college or university, the very first thing that comes to mind is to grab a good job. The job prospects for many candidates are often disappointing after completing a degree. There are various ways to find information on latest vacancies. If you want to find a job good as quickly as possible, it is of great value to use many techniques and strategies for the same.

Apart from checking out various job vacancies on job portals, you can also search it in newspapers, job boards, job centers, journals, company bulletin boards and so on.

Yes, the internet is the great source of information for jobs but if you solely depend on the internet for your job search, then you may miss a chance to find the better one. Actually, very less number of jobs is advertised. So, do you ever think that what is the reason behind the number of jobs not to be updated on the websites?

Let’s throw light on some approaches which has a number of advantages for an employer:

  1. Job seekers/Employees are more likely to fit into the culture of the company because they have a reference of someone else.
  2. The person recommending you definitely know your potential and the kind of expectation they have from you. And you will never let that person down.
  3. The employer is stress free as they are not the real recruiter. So, the pressure of hiring a good candidate is completely up to the person who has given a reference for you.
  4. The employer is not flooded with the hundreds of resume just for one job vacancy. And ultimately it saves time. They don’t have to spend time going through and shortlisting the candidate for the organization. So, if you don’t know anyone from the company of your choice, then find out where they hang out socially.

In your search for job vacancies, your focus should be on the specific job that meets your educational qualifications. In this concern, social media would be a great help to you. Social media platforms have grown tremendously these days. Primarily developed to connect people through the internet, it is also used for many purposes, and that also includes the job search. Many companies have their account on social media and they conduct various activities of job hunt through their pages. Some of the most commonly used social media platforms for job hunt include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.

The social networking sites like- LinkedIn is extremely used in the professional world for career development and that’s the reason it is a good place to find news about employment opportunities. Create your LinkedIn account today and fill all the necessary information about your skills, qualifications and contact details. It basically acts as your online resume where you meet with the potential employer. So make it as informative as you can.

In Twitter, for example, you have an account then follow the person and organization with whom you want to work for. These people often tweet the job openings on their account once they come up. Following them ensures that you are getting updates on the job vacancies when they tweet.

The same thing happens with the Facebook also. The company creates their own pages. You can follow them so that if they post or update anything regarding a job, it will appear on your timeline or you will get the notification as well.

Hashtags also seem to be very helpful while searching for a job. Some of the frequently searched hashtag on social media platform for a job include #job, #jobsearch #jobopenings, #jobhirings and many more.

Summing up the above points, it is concluded that one should be very sincere while searching for a job and always explore every single detail of the vacancy.


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Pragyan Prabha is a passionate content writer who writes articles for digital marketing, website designing, and website development. Apart from the above topics, she covers all the facets of jobs and career opportunities in various profiles.

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