How to remove heartburn during the course of pregnancy

Pretty much on the lines of neurological disorders after pregnancy, heart burn is an order that deserve immediate attention. A lot of women are willing to bear all the pain that come along with pregnancy, but heartburn is something that really gives them a sense of shock. In case of some of them pregnancy does go on to become a curse at this point of time. In fact the couple of questions in their mind at this point of time would be howI can be healthy and get the baby out.

Heartburn is a disorder that occurs when the LED which is responsible for maintaining the balance of your stomach acids is known to leak.

Heartburn medication during pregnancy can provide relief. But there are some steps that you can do at your own end in order to get rid of the symptoms.

Reduce your diet intake but on a more frequent basis

If you overeat it adds to the problem of heart burn. As per medical experts when you overeat there is less room in the stomach to expand. If you incorporate a small diet during this phase not only you will be able to combat heartburn in the short run. This would be during the course of your entire pregnancy as well. If you go on to eat more it does put pressure on the abdomen. For example instead of 6 meals a day opts for 3 small meals. The simple reason being that smaller meals make the food easy to digest.

Do take away the trigger foods

There are some foods that would cause heartburn. It would be better if you identify them and make it a point that you banish them from your diet as well. There are some foods that are pretty acidic in nature that you can term as citrus foods. Examples would be tomato. In fact there are certain foods that you straight away are aware needs to be eliminated like coffee. Keep away from alcohol at this point of time.

The onus has to be liquids

It is a known fact that liquid foods are less likely to cause problems than the solid foods. The simple reason being that they are known to move through the stomach in a quick manner. It would be better if you could look out for liquids that offer plenty of proteins like yoghurt. Another tip would be to chew the food in a slow manner till you find that they become liquefied.

Sleep smart

In order to avoid any form of night time heartburn, It would be better that you do not eat anything 3 hours before bed time. Make it a point that you do not sleep on the left side as the stomach acids have to travel all the way up.

Perhaps the most important point to consider here is that avoid too much calcium . it does take a toll on the calcium absorption in the body.

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