Saudi Arabia Offering Lucrative Business Opportunities

Known as a powerhouse of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is on the edge of becoming one of the world’s top 10 most competitive nations. It is also emerging as one of the most lucrative markets for strategic project investment and business opportunities. If you are looking forward to establish or expand your business, the country provides countless opportunities in the form of tenders and projects published for Saudi Arabia.

Every individual hailing from a different background of the society can find excellent tenders in Saudi Arabia. Here is the list of some ongoing and upcoming tenders in Saudi Arabia based on different trade categories, have a look:

Construction Technology and Building Material Projects Tenders in Saudi Arabia

Some of the latest tenders related to construction technology and building material projects in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Supply and Install Cabins for Security Locations

  • Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Building

  • Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Surgery Room

  • Operation, Maintenance and Fixing of Educational Buildings

  • Operation, Maintenance and Fixing of Cooling and Heating Devices

  • Complete Construction of Sunshade

  • Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Building

  • Maintenance of Authority Branch Building

  • Operation, Maintenance and Fixing of Educational Buildings

  • Development of a mixed-use mall designed like an indoor city with its own in-premise transportation service.

Hospital and Laboratory Equipment Tenders in Saudi Arabia

Some of the top-notch Tenders in Saudi Arabia related to hospital and laboratory equipment are as follows:

  • Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Surgery Room

  • Equipping and Furnishing of Schools and School Labs

  • Update and Upgrade Devices of Monitor Vital Signs of Patients in Critical Care Units

  • Supply of Beds for Patients and Medical Devices

  • Equipping of Hypnotherapy and Medical Sections

  • Provision of Supplies for Biology, Chemistry and Physics Laboratories

  • Supply of Needs for X-Ray and Breath Treatment

  • Procure, Supply and Operation of Devices and Supplies for Labs

  • Procure and Supply of Artificial Limbs and Prosthetic Devices

  • Provision of Maintenance Contract for Ultrasound Imaging Devices

Oil and Gas Exploration Tenders in Saudi Arabia

Here is the list of some new tenders related to oil and gas exploration in Saudi Arabia:

  • Engineering, Procurement and Installation of Scraper Traps for Fuel Gas Supply Line

  • Supply Added Material to Fuel used in Desalination Plants

  • Supply of Fuel for General Leadership of Security Aviation

  • Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to build storage tanks for oil products.

  • Supply of Fuel

  • Procure Fuel and Means of Transportation for Education Directorate

  • Supply of Parts for Fuel Station

  • Supply of Fuel and Washing Services

  • Construction of a new gas/oil separation plant.

  • Supply of Car Fuel for Cars

No matter which trade category you are interested in, just find out a genuine website that provides the latest project intelligence and tender information in the Middle East region for every industry type, size or nature of business. The website must allow you to post your tender so that the best, professional contractors can find your bid.

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