The best way assures over-voltage protection

Distribution equipment like transformers and other assets should be provided with maximum protection from lightning effects and similar conditions. The best product to perform this task is to make use of surge arresters. Even though there are several types to select from, it is best to make use of arresters made with the polymer to assure maximum operational efficiency. Arresters at present are supplied by several companies and hence it is your responsibility to select the best one depending on your budget and requirements. Here are some of the important factors to keep in mind to make the purchase really effective and economical.

Know about the working

In simple words, surge arresters are the protective devices used to limit the surge voltage by bypassing or discharging surge currents. It is just alike fuse carrier in the household. It protects the devices from sudden changes in the voltage fluctuations. At present polymer surge arresters are manufactured with excellent features to showcase high-end performance in its working.

Durable and reliable

It is really not practical to change the arresters frequently for any of the reasons. The product should have high-end durability and reliability. Generally, arresters made with high-quality polymer assure maximum life without any defects. This is the reason why most of the present applications make use of these arresters.

Highly resistant

These arresters are highly resistant to heat and cold and deliver the best working in all of the climatic conditions. They also prevent moisture ingress. This makes it the perfect product use on wide variety of applications.

Maintenance free

Polymer arrester comes with less or no maintenance. It is also easy to install when compared with other arresters. Once it is installed it works for a long period of time without demanding for any sort of maintenance in normal conditions. It perfectly controls transmission of high voltage and similar issues to assure maximum protection for the distribution equipment.

International standards

Since arresters are electrical products and are used in applications like transformers, make sure that the quality, manufacturing and design meet international standards. The product should be free from any of the manufacturing defects and should come with innovative designs that promote easy installation and perfect working.


Some of the important features to look for in arresters include a direct moulded housing to control moisture ingress, hydrophobic silicone housing, low residual voltages, excellent cantilever performance, international standards, easy to install and maintenance free etc.

Have a look at the rates

There is no need for you to buy lightning arresters at high rates since there are several manufacturers and distributors to provide you the product. An online search can provide you with the names of reputed companies who can provide you with high-quality polymer lightening arresters at really affordable rates.

It is better to go online to make a good search. Compare the arresters of different companies in accordance with rates and features. Yes, always look for the perfect balance between rate and quality of the product. There is no doubt that you can save a good amount on the purchase of surge arresters.

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