Things to Know about Stopover in Mumbai

Gateway of India, Mumbai

Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra, a state in western India, is on the itinerary of cruise ships embarking on a world tour or on the shorter circuits crossing the United Arab Emirates. This great, vibrant and contrasting metropolis has a lot to offer. But to fully enjoy a stopover in Mumbai, here are some points to consider.

Top Places to Visit

The Gateway of India is unforgettable in Mumbai. This monumental arch built in the early 20th century dominates the port where visitors embark to join the caves of Elephanta. These caves are home to sumptuous sculptures and centuries-old rock paintings.

 The Prince of Wales Museum, Gandhi House and the sumptuous Chhatrapati  Shivaji Terminus Railway Station are worth a visit. A tour in Film City’s studio will delight fans of Indian films. The markets of Mumbai are an unmissable attraction. Between the markets of Crawford Market, the fish market of Null Bazaar and the Zaveri Bazaar, the jewelry market, the change of scenery is guaranteed. Visit these places with Jewels of the Deccan itinerary of Deccan Odyssey.


Visa Up To Date

Whether for a long stay in Mumbai or just the time of a stopover like the case of a cruise around the world aboard the Costa Luminosa with, a valid visa is essential. If some agencies can fulfill the application, for other tour operators and cruise companies, it is the traveler himself who must do it.

Useful Vaccines

For European nationals, no new vaccination is required. In all cases, some vaccines such as vaccines against viral hepatitis A and B, typhoid fever, diphtheria, tetanus and poliomyelitis need to be updated.

Currency, Tax and Gratuity

The rupee is the monetary unit in India and on average; the value of 1,000 rupees turns around 13 euros. Often the prices displayed do not include the taxes which generally vary between 5 and 35% according to the purchase or the service. It is customary to leave a tip between 5 and 10% of the billed bill in restaurants.

On-Site Transportation

In Mumbai, cruise lines can choose from three types of transportation: buses, taxis and rickshaws. The city has a satisfactory bus service, but for tourists, it is advisable to opt for the red-decker buses. They are comfortable at the same time, especially the seats upstairs, affordable and safe. For those who have time in front of them and want to discover Mumbai city in every nook and cranny, rickshaws are the recommended means of transport. They can sneak between the alleys. Rickshaws are cheaper than taxis, which, however, are the best way to cross Mumbai with confidence.

What To Drink And Eat?

In Mumbai and all over India, it is better to drink only bottled water. It is also strongly discouraged to consume pressed fruit juice. You must avoid eating food bought on the street. The meat dishes, fish, crustaceans not cooked enough, and raw foods are also to be avoided.

Safety Rules to Respect

India is a safe country, but some precautions should be taken even during a one- or two-day stopover in Mumbai. Before dismounting, check your passport and notify the ship’s staff of the planned movements in the case of unplanned trips with the company. For women, a sartorial dress consisting of long clothing and covering the shoulders are preferred. It is not recommended for a single woman to walk the streets at night.

How to Reach Mumbai

Reaching Mumbai is very easy from all corners of the world. You can reach Mumbai by Road, Train and Air. Mumbai city has its own international airport. If you want to enjoy luxury then Deccan Odyssey Train is available for travelers. This train has onboard luxury facilities to make you feel like royals. You must check Deccan Odyssey Departure Dates, Fare, General Information, facilities, history, terms and conditions etc before planning your trip.

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