Top Reasons You Should Start Vaping And Quit Smoking


JUUL vape NZ is one of the best ways to stop smoking traditional cigarettes and start vaping. Smoking has a lot of negative side effects and it is unpleasant to most people. After smoking, everyone who comes close to you will know that you just had a smoke since the stench will remain. Here are some top reasons you should start vaping and quit smoking. 


Vaping is cheaper compared to smoking 


With one packet of cigarettes being more than 12 pounds, a pack of cigarettes a day will cost you over 4000 pounds a year. This is a lot of money that you can use productively. On the other hand, vaping is less expensive and will not continue to increase in price the same way tobacco increases. 


E-cigs are 95 percent safer than tobacco cigarettes 


Cigarettes emit hazardous smoke and this makes them a risk for cancer. The cancer potencies of vaping are 0.5% below that of smoking. E-cigarettes are less harmful compared to traditional cigarettes and this has been proven through scientific research. 


Vaping will help you cut down on cigarettes 


When you vape, you experience a feeling close to that of smoking traditional cigarettes. It gives you a burning throat hit that makes you experience the same feeling you will feel when you smoke. However, it is much safer because you have the same feeling as smoking tobacco but without burning tobacco. A lot of people who are new to JUUL vape, appreciate the similarity and can find that they do not miss cigarettes as much as they may have done using other smoking methods. 


 Vaping can help you stop smoking 


A lot of people all over the world are struggling to stop smoking traditional cigarettes. Smoking is an addictive behaviour that a lot of people find hard to stop. However, when you start vaping, you will get the same effects as tobacco with less severe side effects. This way, you will not feel any hangovers when you do not smoke as you will get the same nicotine you get from smoking. This means that you can start vaping and quit smoking for good. 


You are in good company  


 A lot of people all over the world from different social classes vape. This means that when you start vaping, you will be in good company. you will be vaping with people of like mind. You will share your experiences and advise each other on what to do to improve your experiences. 


Less mess 


If you have ever smoked in your car then you know how smoking can be messy. Ash gets everywhere and it can take a long time to clean it out from the nooks and crannies. When you switch to vaping in your car, you will save time as you will not have to clean up the mess that comes with smoking cigarettes. 


Vaping smells and tests better than cigarettes 


JUUL vape NZ comes in a lot of appealing flavours. The vaping smell is nicer than that of cigarettes’ smoke.

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