Understanding The Top Benefits Of Force-Free Dog Training

Force free dog training Tustin is the most up to date and science-based dog training approach. It is an effective way of training your dog and it also builds a very strong bond of trust between you and your dog. However, it requires patience, time, commitment, and repetition for it to be effective. Here are some of the top benefits of force free training.

Dogs learn to connect the desired behavior with rewards

When you use positive reinforcement to train your dog, your dog will learn to connect a desired action with a reward such as a toy, food or treat. By providing your dog with consistent rules, he or she will learn to understand what is expected of them. By promptly rewarding your dog for any desired behavior, it will increase the likelihood of the dog repeating those behaviors.

Teaching your dog proper manners without causing pain

When you use force free training techniques to train your dog, you will teach your dog proper manners without threats, pain, force, intimidation or coercion. It is accomplished without using choke chains, prong, pinch and shock collars. You do not have to use any form of physical manipulation to train your dog, push or pull them by the collar or leash or kick or hit your dog with an object. Using force can harm your dog and you do not want to cause any pain or injuries.

You can correct unwanted behaviors without using force

Another benefit of force free dog training is that you will be able to correct unwanted behavior without causing pain to your dog. For example, you can ignore the persistent barking of your dog if he or she is doing so for attention. This will make your dog know that his behavior will not get him both attention or rewards he is seeking.

Shouting at your dog, on the other hand, rewards or reinforces his barking. You can also use time outs as a form of negative punishment. If your dog is accustomed to being rewarded for his or her good behavior, the absence of positive attention will tell your dog that he or she has done something wrong.

The basics of force free dog training

This method can be put into practice with your dog. You should start with the basics and build up to more challenging dog behaviors whilst, at the same time establishing the unbreakable ties of trust and respect between you. You can get started by working with a professional.

Using treats

You can start by using treats as rewards. You can start with simple and one-word commands such as come, stay, sit down and no. Reward your dog immediately he or she does a successful response. You should repeat the exercise as often as necessary to ensure that the dog is both confident and compliant.

You can now start applying commands to new situations. Over time, the behavior will become natural to him and you can move to more advanced force free dog training Tustin techniques.

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