Understanding The Top Economic Benefits Of Hydrographic Survey


While hydrographic survey companies in New Zealand spend a lot of money to buy equipment, invest in the best professionals and offer their services, it is worth it. Hydrographic surveying has a lot of economic benefits and we will cover some of them in this post.

Safety navigation and marine transportation

For numerous countries in the world, lack of adequate port facilities and infrastructure is one of the main barriers to economic growth. Improved ports require new piers, dredging, enhanced terminal functionality and up-to-date nautical charts. Over 80% of the world merchandise trade is carried by sea and this makes maritime transport the backbone of international trade. During the past few decades, the annual average growth rate of the seaborne trade in the world is estimated at 3.1%.

With this rate, world seaborne trade is expected to rise by 44% this year and double by 2031. Commercial worldwide shipping relies on the best hydrographic survey companies in NZ for nautical charts. Good charts provide direct routes between ports. They also reduce the number of pilots required and the number of groundings.

Marine resources

There are a lot of resources in the ocean and they can be broken down into two categories – mineral and living which cover most of the renewable and non-renewable resources in the ocean. Activities associated with marine resources include recreational and commercial fishing, sand and gravel mining, exploration and extraction, pipeline and cable installation, dredge material disposal, and pollution. The world needs to control these activities and that is where hydrographic survey comes in.

Environmental concerns

Hydrographic survey companies in NZ provide a base layer for impact modelling, environmental monitoring and consequence management. Environmental characteristics such as bathymetry are essential to help support numerical modelling efforts to provide an accurate representation of the impact from a wide range of natural and man-made events. If no control is imposed then countries developing their costs may be vulnerable to degradation.

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