What You Need To Know About Juul Compatible Pods


Every vaper in New Zealand needsto know what JUUL compatible pods are. JUUL created one of the best electronic cigs devices on the market. They have at least seventy percent of the e-cigs and vape markets. However, people look for alternative flavour pods to improve their experience and, in this post, we will tell you the alternative flavour pods available and recommend the ones that are compatible with JUUL. If you are looking for new vape liquids to add to your rotation then you have a lot of alternatives.

What is JUUL?

While JUUL is an e-cigarette like any other, there are a couple of caveats that differentiate it from others. The starter kits from JUUL are sleek. It is hard to notice them and they have become very popular recently. Their USB design can be enclosed in the hand and it does not produce a lot of plume of vapour. The salt nicotine or nicotine content in JUUL pods online sets a new precedent for the electronic cigarette market.

What are JUUL pods?

JUUL pods are small pods that contain nicotine and e-liquid. The pods are made to fit with the device. These pods are replacement cartridges for the JUUL device. The pods contain vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine salt and flavouring. Since the pod devices are stronger, using direct lung vaping is uncomfortable.

Compatible pods

JUUL compatible pods are made by a variety of companies but are compatible with the JUUL device. The brands make all types of nicotine level options and flavours.  This is a very good alternative for consumers because they can access flavour varieties and cheaper price points from other brands. This means that they will not be restricted to use ofJUUL pods. The compatible pods have the same dimensions as JUUL pods and will work with JUUL devices.

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