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What will the field of analytics look like in 2019?

We keep talking about how the world of analytics always stays in flux; well, this is probably a good time to think what it may look like in the New Year. I will start by stating the fact that machines are not taking over the world in 2019. They are really, really far from that. Now that we have that off our chests we can talk about some serious things.

The future of big data

Is this already time to worry about the future of big data? We had just begun to get comfortable with the idea that in case of a recession in IT, big data analytics has our back. Well, it still has got your back if you are learning the right tools. Big data has relinquished its celebrity status to become a regular and integral part of business policies. It is running everything and developers have done well so far in harnessing the power of big data. As far as India is concerned, there are more empty seats than analysts in the country, especially in Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. So, if you are planning to enroll for Analytics training in Bangalore, go ahead.

The Cloud v/s Edge computing

Just as we thought that Cloud is the future, edge computing took a whole new shape to stun the world. The speed you acquire when the computing is done just around the IoT devices is incredible. Data acquisition, analysis, and action in real time and there you have your autonomous car. Even the fuel injunction technology in state of the art cars uses data to analyze driving patterns. While edge computing has currently got the buzz cloud has matured into something that people understand and use with confidence.

Further progress in penetration

Currently, India has 64% analytics penetration. That means in more than 64% of the Indian firms there are more than 0.75% analytics professionals. Right now the private finance and banking sector in India has 100% penetration. We can expect to see the penetration rise in the public sector too, which is quite low at 50% currently. There are a lot of companies that are planning analytics integration and more analytics services firms are emerging from cities like Bangalore and Delhi.

The reign of machines

Automation is going to go up by a few notches. We can expect all mundane jobs to be automated in not more than 5 years. But there is and will be a steady demand for trained machine learning experts, data engineers, and analysts. Analytics training in Bangalore is surely your best option if you want to grab the opportunities to come. Deep learning will continue to get the attention it is getting right now. However, do not worry about machines taking over the world. Machine learning is still designed to complete a very specific task and they will keep doing that.

Analytics has spread its influence and application in a myriad of fields with real rapidity. In India, the healthcare sector may hope to see some definitive improvements with the help of analytics. The same goes for cybersecurity and administration. Good times are ahead. Make sure you are a part of the change.

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