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Types of Schools Appropriate For Kids Education

Are you looking for a school for your kid? Well it is high time then that you learn about different schools available and what different it has to offer to your kid. The choice of school is extremely important it forms the basis of your kid’s understanding and education and also makes them competent to face the outside world. While looking for school complete research should be done to choose one of the best schools in Gurgaon 2016. Some of the types of schools from which choice can be made by the parents have been listed below.

Private vs independent schools

Both of the schools are different. While private schools are a part of large organization, independent schools are working independently with their own set of governors or trustees. The common factor between them is, it is funded with donation, fees and other charities.

Day schools

Kids attend these schools during the day and go back to their home at night. There are country day schools which are located in the country or in the suburbs.

Boarding Schools

Boarding school is another form of school which can be chosen for kids. Kids are required to live within the dorms, campus or hall of the college. In short kids have to live in the college itself from Monday to Friday, and during the weekends they are free to go to their homes. Such institutions offer various other facilities to kids i.e. class meals, education, recreation, education etc.

School of special needs

Special need schools offer wide range of services to the kids. Kids who are living with physical or learning disability or want to focus on their emotional needs, special need school is for them. Best teachers are appointed on the job that takes care of the kids and school. Parents who are looking for such specific schools they should keep in mind needs of their kids and then take the final decision.

Coeducational schools

Earlier single sex schools were famous wherein boys were allowed in school with boys only and girls were allowed in schools with girls only. However with changing times all the schools have been transformed into coed schools. Herein both boys and girls are allowed to attend the same school, sit in same class, play or talk with each other etc. Administrators and teachers working in schools believe that there are various disadvantages of single sex schools and this is the reason they are not encouraged.

Military schools

It is one of the best schoolswherein boarding is offered to kidsfrom ninth grade and above. The school here focuses on the personal growth of the kid and ensures that children live a complete disciplined life. Apart from that, academic curriculum is also offered to students such that they gain sufficient knowledge and prosper ahead in life. Two major things which are stressed upon here include leadership and patriotism.


Above listed are some of the types of schools which parents can chose. To ensure that best school governing bodies are chosen one must go through the top 20 schools in Gurgaon and make a safe choice from it.

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