In what is probably one of the most vibrant, diverse and culturally rich enterprise this side of the hemisphere, the celebration of achievements and milestones by team members go way beyond the ordinary. CredForce, the world’s largest certification ecosystem recently held its annual 2019 CredStar awards on the 21st of June, 2019, in India’s emerging “Silicon Valley”, Gurgaon.

Gurgaon, 01 Jul, 2019 – The 2019 CredStar event was of proportions as magnanimous as the dominance of the company in the unified certification technology space worldwide. Top achievers were honoured with great aplomb, while the young and rising were recognized for their contribution to the rapidly unfolding success story that CredForce, has come to personify in the industry.

Each of the awardees were superlative warriors in their own rights, covering every aspect of operational excellence in mission critical business functions. The crew comprised growth hackers, design thinkers and specialists in their own areas who challenged the status quo and propelled their beloved company to greater heights of success during the year. The CredFolk (a name the entire workforce has lovingly adopted as the name of their cult-like tribe, not to mention a term they frequently use to address each other) have always delivered a whole that is a lot more than the sum of their experiences and expertise combined, and this was highlighted by the CredStar awards as each of the best performers were called out and their efforts celebrated by the leadership, management and peers. The CredForce leadership team continues to strive towards excellence in practices and its mission 250k project, aiming to certify a quarter of a million professional candidates by next year, even as they break new grounds and penetrate newer territories to take their credentialing and certification ecosystem worldwide, which already has a presence in 190 countries pretty much covered with its humongous partner network.

Hosted in the bustling hotspot of Gurgaon in India, the award ceremony saw the presence of the esteemed CredForce leadership team that included President and Group CEO, Mr. Rajiv Gupta, Chief Product Officer, Mr. Sanjeeva Shukla, and the entire team gather for an evening of celebration, electrifying energy and camaraderie about each other and their achievements, honouring current and future leaders, and sharing interesting thoughts that included a roadmap for the future, which in CredForce jargon, is essentially dominating the global certification industry across verticals and functions, worldwide. Not that they’re not achieving greater milestones with every new launch and every new geography, anyway.


The CredStar awards saw its inception 3 years ago and has been an eagerly anticipated red letter event in the CredForce calendar ever since. Winners in categories ranged from digital marketing and operational excellence to design and regulatory compliance operations, not to mention advanced proprietary technologies that had been developed to add to its already massive technology and knowledge portfolio, besides a whole host of others. The atmosphere was electric to say the least and equally contagious as the collection of the brightest minds in the certification industry worldwide today cheered for each other’s success. “This is the one moment we look forward to all year, it’s an opportunity to put the best and the brightest in the spotlight and truly recognize and honour their efforts throughout the year. We are proud of the work culture that we’ve crafted at CredForce so carefully over the years. The CredStars are not just a collection of good performers and managers or emerging talent. They are our pride and joy, and the young generation that will lead us to greater glory. They are a collection of friends and mentors and missionaries marching forward in lockstep to dominate global credentialing across every continent in the world today. I am equally proud and humbled by the sheer effort and will they come to work with, every day”, said President and Group CEO Rajiv Gupta.


In line with tradition, the CredStar awards were followed by the company’s annual after party where everyone had a blast shaking a leg while enjoying the banter between their friends from different departments across the organization.

With a presence in all seven continents, CredForce is already proved its mettle as the leading single point certification products ecosystem in the planet today, counting the likes of Wharton and other prestigious institutional partners in its ranks. As the company rapidly expands its footprint across more geographies, CredStars of 2019 will pave the way for the future of global certifications worldwide.


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CredForce ( is the world’s first and the largest provider of solutions, services and products in credentialing. With the world’s first ever and the largest consortium of international certification bodies, CredForce is converting capability-validation into an organized global industry-vertical. Our mission is to make certifications affordable, convenient and swift to obtain for individuals and enterprises even in the remotest corners of the world. The gigantic CredForce credentialing ecosystem extends across 180+ countries. A wide-range of solutions on credentialing, accreditation and certification of professionals, workforce, employees and enterprises are designed and delivered to transnationals, governments, universities, multilateral aid bodies and institutions through this ecosystem.

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