How SMBs/Startups can Use Digital Marketing Channels to their Advantage

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If you own a small business/startup you must have heard about the digital channels and the marketing to make it to the top. Even otherwise, words such as branding/marketing are the buzzwords that students and aspiring entrepreneurs do listen. But most people don’t know how it can affect their businesses and eventually their professional lives. People in general also wonder how to relate to it in terms of selecting a product or knowing more about a brand.

In the online world of business, digital marketing is highly regarded and plays a key role for companies to reach to their potential customers. In this blog, I will try to deal with how SMBs and startups can yield maximum benefits from marketing in the digital age.

Current Digital Marketing Scope

Companies looking for advertising, promotion and marketing of their brands or products need to put focus on the digital channels. Traditional mediums like print and outdoor advertising are not for SMBs as most of them are very expensive. The affordable charges they incur is also an important reason for which it has gained the momentum over other mediums of advertising and marketing. Digital is the way to go for a company having 1-10 employees or company having countrywide presence with thousands of employees.

The shift to digital media is being driven by marketing agencies, business owners and consumers alike. The ever-increasing need for the companies to go show results in less time has forced them to go for the digital channels for marketing. The low cost makes it easy for any company to have an online presence. The use of social media marketing is the way to go for companies ranging from a candy maker to luxury car manufacturers to lure their potential target market with ease.

Social Media Platforms are Impactful Marketing Channels

We are living in an age where everything is available to us on our finger tips. The use of smartphones and other handheld devices makes it easy for us to use the Internet on the go with social media leading the way. People of all age groups use some social media platform and that’s why it has turned into a key marketing channel. From engaging posts on their pages to viral videos, businesses can attract their customers through a number of ways.

Facebook just announced that they have now over 2 billion monthly users now. Really a great achievement; but what’s in there for other people? Surely the marketers need to exploit it according to the requirements of their customers so that they can advertise their products. That’s one good reason why social media marketing will dominate the online advertising and branding scene for some time to come.

In the fast paced business scenario, there are digital advertising and marketing is a must. The consumers are always in the need of a quality product that they can use. Let me give you an example so that you can understand what I am trying to say. Suppose you have created a new gadget that is a MP3 player with a 20 Megapixel digital camera too. You think that this type of product is currently not available in the market and you can take the lion’s share by introducing it first. But what should be your strategy in this regard?

To make sure your target market, mainly teenagers, young adults and people with an appetite for photography, is familiar with your product, you definitely need to market it properly. Through social media platforms you can be sure that you can target your demographics well. Remember that when a consumer is in need of a product, such as yours, he will try to search about it on the Search engine or look for it on FB, Instagram, etc. That’s where you need to have a strong presence on such platforms.

Some Tips for SMB/Startup Owners

If you are looking to start your business, make sure your website/social media page is capable of doing the following:

  • Properly represents your business and product to turn it into a brand.
  • Adequately speaks to your target audience
  • Is updated regularly
  • Provides multiple channels for customer satisfaction

That’s the reason you need to contact a consultant in this regard to help you out. There are multiple dimensions to this and you need professionals in this regard. An aggressive campaign is what is needed so that to make awareness about your product.

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