Important Things To Know When Hiring A Dewatering Pump


When looking for the right pump hire, there are a lot of things you need to know. Pumps come in different sizes, power, materials and more. There is always a pump around us that we can hire when we urgently need to use one. But before hiring a pump, here are a few important things to keep in mind.

Water density

It is very important to know the density of water that will be moving through the pump and the piping infrastructure. This is critical to the effectiveness of the pump. Pump units are available for short term and long term hires from companies that offer the services. You can get pumps for different water densities. Details are very important, for example, the size of solid particles in the water, the viscosity of the fluid, the average temperatures of the fluid and more. The more information you have at your fingertips, the better pump you can get to match your needs.

Average flow rate

Different pumps have different flow rates. The flow rate is measured in litres/sec. you need to know your average flow rate to determine the type and size of pump you need for your project. High rates of flow require quality pumps with a diameter large enough to allow enough fluids to pass through as fast as possible. Different jobs require different flow rates. You can consult a professional to help you work outflow rate based on if you are dosing, decanting or transferring liquids from one area to another.

Chemical concentrations

Your pump hire services will want to know about the chemical concentrations of your water. In addition to information about particle sizes and viscosity, it is important to know the chemical concentrations of the water to be pumped. This is crucial to choose the right pump material that can withstand the chemical concentration of your media. Having these details when hiring a pump will avoid corrosion and having your pump fail prematurely. You don’t want a pump failure to delay your project when you can get everything right from the beginning.

Operating pressure

You should consider a pump that can withstand the operating pressure of your application. You should consider whether you are pumping a long distance, a short run, and vertical sections and so on. You also need to consider the type of pipe to use, the flow rate required, distance to the discharge point and more. Working out the dynamic head of your system will help determine which pump you need for your application.

Suction level

Choosing the right suction pipe size is another important consideration to make. Being oversized can increase your energy costs while being undersized can lead to damages to your system and inefficient flow rates. While power is important, you should be able to calculate the resistance caused.

Power source

Before pump hire, you should think about the type of power source you need. Some pumps are diesel-powered, others use petrol, while others use electricity. If you have unreliable electricity then hire a pump that uses both electricity and diesel.

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