Summer Sneakers in UK -What you must to know?

Have you ever worn a shoe that makes you feel like the king in the streets? There’s always some kicks that win our hearts and also win the race with giant brands! Nike Air shoes are some of the pioneers of the sneaker game. Follow us on @FastSoleUK and keep your eyes peeled because we have all the confirmed news and dates about all Summer sneakers in UK!

Nothing can come in the way of the Nike Air kicks as they are all crammed with highly engineered features and season-perfect construction! Besides, you’re going to have quite a hard time choosing from its wide range of styles and colourways. Before we dive into the details of the Air series, we need to admire the features and modes of some unique technology that Nike provides such as the Air-Sole, VaporMax, foam and light soles etc. Nike Flyknit/Primeknit/mesh/nubuck are quite a hype in the sneaker town for all seasons.

First of all, check out the immense comfort the Air units provide. This technology alone is the high-hit for this brand! The sole has either visible or invisible Airbags in it that keep your performances safe and swift all day long. This material is widely appreciated because of the seamless aesthetic. For example, the Nike Air Max 270 has a substantial heel bubble on the ankle which prevents any unwanted pressure or shocks caused by your steps. The Nike 180 or 360 of this sort have kind of similar attitude.

Let’s stick to admiring the Airbags for a little while. The first Nike Air Max was seen back in 1987 via Tinker Hatfield. Then the evolutions started giving space to the highest engineered Airbags with highly pressurised air inside. This characteristic keeps your steps light and swift as you show off your stunts! Besides, it gives a feeling of security underfoot by the energy-back mode.

If you’re looking for a stunning shoe that’s more than reliable for the Summer/Winter strides, then you can always turn to the Air Jordans, Air Forces, Air Vapormaxes, or Air Max Plus kicks. All these lines have a magnitude of variations, and all of them have even better features. Grab a nice pair of Air Force runner to keep up with the racing runners. You can have quite a lot of options because the colour palette is vast in variety. The camo-prints are always the first ones to fly-off though!

A neat and snug Air Jordan can’t be a wrong choice if you love sports. Michael Jordan’s skills may not seep out of you, but you sure can feel the class! The style range has lots of designs including collared and zipped ones.

Turn up the volume for VaporMax beasts all the way! These stunners are the best foot-buddy if you like long walks or runs along risky tracks. The chunky Air pods on the midsole have much more security level than anything! The see-through synthetic mudguard becomes a little thicker on the VaporMax 2.0.

For any Nike lover, the TN Nike option is wide open. The Air Max Plus series has seen more fusions than the others because of its easy-going aesthetic and a contemporary vibe. The TPU shell and the neoprene underlay keeps you snug on the original pair but on the fusioned one, the Air VaporMax Plus, shows off the Air chunks underfoot! This very design was also merged with the full-length Air-Sole unit.

If you choose a Flyknit pair from Nike, be sure to receive an unearthly comfort due to the flexibility and stretchy tone that lets your feet move any way you want. You can run like the wind with this material! Never worry about stuffy and sweaty feet since the Flyknit and also the Primeknit exterior allows maximum airflow to keep you fresh. Also, the Winter days are safe because of the built-in warmth.

Some of these Swoosh-stunners have cleated chunks that teeth on the ground and the synthetic Air bubbles provide maximum cushioning. The pressurised Air inside is the reason why your steps are so light and classy.

Be it Summer, Winter or Autumn, a conventional black and white suits everything you wear! You can have flashy colours or dark colours, whatever you like. The midsoles flaunt a contrasting colour most of the time, but the VaporMax pods are translucent more or less.

Recently the hype for “Just Do It” pack is off the charts! This campaign is going on with the catchphrase printed on the shoe repetitively. The shoes are energised, re-constructed, and stamped with the motto numerous times.

Depending on the size of your purse, you can choose any shoe you want from our descriptions. Follow us for confirmed details about Summer Sneakers in UK.

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