Top Tech Trends to Benefit Your Moffett’s For Sale in a Warehouse

Tires of your Moffett

In most warehouses or a construction site, truck mounted forklifts play a major role. They make it much easier to handle and transport goods and materials from one place to the other. In warehouses, these have several benefits. When you have one, it will ensure that you do not waste time and depend on others to come and unload and load items in your cargo in a warehouse. Just as their name suggests, it is possible to mount these trucks at the back of trucks to transport various materials.

Upon delivering the cargo, the driver can then unload the heavy cargo without depending on a third person. It is possible to accomplish this independently. By simply disengaging the lift truck from the truck and reconnecting the forklift, unload the cargo and just leave the site. When you consult dealers who specialize in Moffett’s for sale, you will learn more about these amazing trucks.

In recent years, forklifts have come a long way from suspension-free and gas guzzling machines, compared to before. With modern innovations and changes in technology, these trucks are more fuel efficient, if not electric completely. Each one emphasizes more on safety and ergonomics. Today, manufacturers equip these machinery with additional sensors, better braking systems, improved tires, and automation to make them safer and more fuel efficient than ever before.

How will the latest trends have an effect on your warehouse, here is what you should know about the top trends for forklifts.

Batteries Wil Be More Convenient to Charge and Safer

The Moffett’s today use lead-acid batteries as their main source of power. Although these work efficiently, recharging them could be a safety risk. The reason behind this is their weight. They are extremely heavy, with the average battery weighing about 2000 pounds. Usually, charging this would require moving the battery from the lift truck and letting it charge for eight hours and cooling through the night in a separate room. Just know that any mistakes in the process of charging will induce acid splash or electric sparks.

The latest trend you will get to see is the use of lithium-ion batteries today; you can find such models at Bobby Park Truck & Equipment. These batteries are somewhat expensive because of their counterpart, but they last 2-3 times longer. In the end, it will your warehouse costs, especially ensuring longer charge times, and you will not notice any decline in the performance of the cells.

The major benefit of these batteries is their improvements in terms of charging. Rather than removing the heavy battery from the back of the forklift, you can simply plug it from the truck. The good news is that charging this battery would just take a fraction of the time and you will not have to balance the cooling and the charging. You will also lose electrical safety concerns and risks of an acid splash since you will not have to manipulate the cooling and the charging.

Improved Brakes and Better Tires for Safer and Smoother Rides

In warehouses, most of the greatest wear and tear problems come from sudden motion related to the braking system. Usually, jerking will cause strain on the tires, pads, the engine parts, leading to operators experiencing back pain, leg pain, or even whiplash. Once the brake pads wear down, it will become harder to control the forklift. The top tech trend is adding additional sensors to the truck. This will make the braking a lot more fluid and responsive. In addition, some of the newer models will have automatic brake sensors, which will keep the vehicle away from obstacles. This will help to prevent problems like the lift truck tipping over.

For the tires, newer rubber compositions will help to make them softer and prevent loss of traction. These tires will help forklifts to transition better from smoother to rough terrains, keeping the trucks in good condition all around. Other features will include better fuel efficiency, softer tires, and lighter ones, because of the energy these trucks use. Improvements in the tire quality is one of the major tech trends today, and used models can have such modifications as well.


Although other trends will help to operate the forklift efficiently and safer, automation is the true game here. Once some lifts become driverless, the efficiency will improve dramatically. It should help to reduce the chances of driver errors, hence accidents. It will allow the loads to move faster.

Automation will also promote increased efficiency, and eliminate the need for you to hire a highly trained workforce. It will boost performance, and ensure a better warehouse future. Automation will allow swift movement, and an array of sensors will let you navigate through the area well.

You can expect these few top tech trends. When you consult the right dealers for Moffett’s for sale, you will learn more about the leading trends to look out for in the future.

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