What to expect from your pregnancy?


Your body shall take a new transformation all over again. You will certainly not have that skin again. You have to get into a new skin and have to step into new shoes. All these things happen to every single female once she becomes a new mommy. There are various transformations (both inside her body and outside as well) that she will have to go; a lot of pain that she will face but it will be worth it. Once you conceive, each and every step needs to be monitored from day one of your pregnancy. You cannot afford to miss out on any chance while you visit your gynaecologist.

From the day you conceive, you get hooked on to your net, your search and you browse through whole lot of website for the best gynaecologist and for the best maternity hospitals. This is the very first thing on your check list while you also tend to take reference either from your neighbours or your friends and relatives. But if you reside in the capital city, you have lot many options for selecting the best maternity hospital in Delhi.

There are several hormonal imbalances that happens in the body and for many changes, regardless of the fact that they are not visible, she might not be aware of it. While you conceive, your body keeps changing its skin – every single day when you wake up, you will find some or the other changes in your body. Though, it will be worth a million smiles and a trillion appreciations. Your weight gain and that new glow on your face will be the reason for your smile. This is the new found appreciation for you.

Another big change – you will be free from those monthly cycles for the next nine months at least. Take a sigh of relief! But you are not too sure that what is going to happen after you deliver your baby. This is one hell of a big question. You have random thoughts banging your head and making you go crazy while you think your condition to be post delivery. You’re probably curious to know the after results of your body post delivery.

Though you are relieved that you’re not going to get your menstrual cycle for nine months at least but you do not that when actually will you get them and for how many days? This differs from female to female. Everybody is different, their hormonal levels are different, their pregnancy differs, their symptoms varies; in all every female has a different case during her pregnancy. Typically speaking, your period will return immediately after you give birth to your baby. But again, I would say that this condition also differs from woman to woman. It is not necessary that every woman has the same cycle after her delivery. It is quite possible that periods extend up to a month or two – again depending upon patient to patient.

Thus it is advisable to keep in touch of your gynaecologist for all these queries. Your doctor will advise you once she examines your thoroughly pre and post delivery.

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