Common Misconceptions About Classical Music And The Truth


If you are a lover of classical music and you are planning to attend a classic concert Los Angeles, in California then there are high chances that a few people have discouraged you. A lot of classical music fans feel like they are under pressure to explain things to people who aren’t fans or people considering to become fans of classical music. Some people still believe that you have to dress in a certain way to attend a classical concert, otherwise, you will be chased away. Even the so-called unwritten rules such as refraining from applause are not as hard as they seem. Things have changed and what people used to believe about classical concerts isn’t true anymore. Here are some myths about classical music and classical concerts.

It is too expensive

Classical concerts are not as expensive as some people in California believe. The prices of a single ticket can range from $22 to $113 depending on the location and the performers. You shouldn’t be discouraged by your friends that classical concerts are too expensive. The best way to go about it is to go to the websites that sell tickets and find out for yourself. You will realize that the tickets are cheaper than you thought.

You have to dress up

Dressing up used to be one of the rules of attending a classical concert. It isn’t anymore. Nowadays, you can get people dressed in jeans and T-shirts in classical concert halls. You can also see people in California dressed in evening gowns and tuxedos. There are no requirements for dressing for a classic concert. Irrespective of what you dress for the concert, at the end of the day you will have experienced a concert for what is onstage and what everyone else experienced. You shouldn’t be afraid to attend classical concerts just because you feel like you don’t want to dress in a certain way. Your dress code shouldn’t discourage you.

Concert-hall etiquette is intimidating and oppressive

It is true that classical music fans generally keep quiet and listen. In classical concert halls, the experience is normally communal. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot react. You can still chuckle at the wit in the music. At the moments of liftoff, you can still gasp. You can sigh at the close of a satisfying moment. The general agreement is on the absorbing the climaxes and textures, rhythms, and holding off from erupting loud. This also happens in other types of concerts. The point is to allow everyone to have an equal share of the fun and restrain from spoiling the fun for others.

I won’t find anyone with needs similar to mine

Some people are too afraid to attend a classic concert Los Angeles in California because they think that they will find people with completely different personalities. This is not true. In classical concerts, you will find different types of people and there is a high probability that you will find people with similar needs to yours. You will make some good friends when you attend a classical concert.

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