Understanding The Best Ways To Boost Your Choir Audience

If you are organizing choral concerts Orange County then there is a high chance you would like to perform to a good crowd. As a choir leader, performing to a good crowd makes you happy and gives you the morale you need to perform better. It also gives singers a special performance buzz and adds atmosphere. It gives everyone involved professional fulfilment. The choir feels great when it hears the applause of the audience.

If you run your choir as a charity or business and put on concerts then ticket sales form a crucial part of your revenue. It goes towards covering costs or even raising funds. So, if you want to ensure you have a good audience, here are some tried and tested ways.

Do not underestimate the power of your audience

If you already have a crowd that is likely to applaud when you perform, take advantage of that. You should thank them and tell them about your next performance. Bringing people who are already fond of you is a great way of making new fans enjoy your performance. With any luck, they will come and make your concert great.

Pitch your prices carefully

When it comes to planning a performance, you should consider fair ticket prices. A lot of people coming at a lower price is better than having too few people at higher prices. As a choir leader of your choral concerts, there is nothing more stressful and embarrassing than getting the price wrong and not selling any tickets. You should check other successful events in the same venue or area and see what they charge.

Think about your audience during the planning phase

Before organizing a concert, you have to plan for it first. It is important to ensure you do not load a lot of performances in a short period. If your audience is dominated by family and friends of the choir then you will experience the law of diminishing returns. No matter how much you love your family, you do not want them to go to every concert you have and not have paying fans. You should therefore be realistic.

Promote your concert

You do not have to purchase advertising to get an audience. You could put up some flyers and posters in your social area. You can also ask your choir members to take the posters and put them in their places of work. Tell them to ask their children to take them to school if that is allowed by their schools. You need to remind your members to mention the performance to their family and friends.

Get the word out

If you want to get an audience for your choral concerts Orange County, you should get the word out. You could organize a flash mob in your area and enlist some friends and family members to hand out flyers about your upcoming choir performance whilst you have the crowd’s attention. You should see if you could have your local radio station hype your concert.

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