Go To A Choir Concert And Leave Your Worries Behind

The choir concerts in California (CA) are so beautiful and so meaningful, it is easy to leave your worries behind. Music is transporting, no matter the kind of music, and music is something that we should all have in our lives. I know that my sons walk around with their EarPods glued to their ears, but they are always listening to music. And sometimes when I listen to their music, I really like it. I think musicians of any era have their own styles and I do think the music of 2022 is just beautiful. I am also so surprised when I hear my sons, both pretty hip kids, listening to choral music. I never question it or tell them I am surprised, I just love it. And I hope that they got their love of choral music from me. And I hope they got their love from me for classical music too.

We need more music in our lives

Music does incredible things to the brain and that is why choir concerts, or any concert really, is a wonderful thing to go to. Music helps with our emotions. Some music can make a person feel really happy, other music can make a person feel really sad. Some music makes us feel nostalgic, other music makes us want to get up and dance. We all have our favorite kind of music that we connect to, and when we hear a piece of music come on that we recognized, we are immediately uplifted. And if you really want to be uplifted then go to a choir concert in California. Take the teens, take the toddlers and take the babies. They will all be transported into a world of peace, calm and utter beauty. 

Some choir concerts CA do need to be pre-booked and others are just on a walk in basis.

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