Understanding Different Ways That Classical Musicians Make Money

From classical music concerts Los Angeles to selling music online, there are numerous ways in which classical musicians make money. Just like any other form of art, music requires monetary support. Money is needed to find obvious things such as training, education and buying supplies such as papers, scores, instruments and so on.

It may also include less obvious things such as financial comfort for example buying a nice home and going on a vacation. Here are some of the top ways that classical musicians make their money.


Classical musicians may be paid through concerts or venue appearances. They may also take home ticket sales. Sometimes, their performance may be organized by a management company. Concert payment for a classical musician can range from zero shillings to four thousand dollars but most performances range from one hundred dollars to eight hundred dollars per player. This includes a lot of orchestral jobs outside top orchestras that are usually paid per service and not a salary.


Classical music composers charge commission fees when asked to write a work. The rates depend on the length of the piece, the number of musicians, and how famous the composer is. The commission fee can range from two hundred thousand dollars to one hundred thousand dollars depending on different factors.

Teaching private lessons

Classical musicians can recruit students and teach them individual lessons in composition, conducting, performance and so on. Apart from earning money from classical music concerts, classical musicians can get paid by their students to teach private sessions. The cost of classical private lessons depends on the student, the teacher and what the student wants to learn.

Teaching in music schools

The work of infrastructure and recruitment is taken care of by the school and not the teacher. However, the teacher earns less per hour. There are several schools that hire classical musicians and pay them on certain agreed-upon terms.

Teaching primary education

This may include orchestra directors, band directors and choir directors in elementary schools, high schools and middle schools.

Teaching secondary education

Classical musicians may also teach secondary education. Most university and college instructors teach at more than one school and most positions are adjunct.

It takes the above activities to add up to a living wage. Booking one gig from a classical musician does not guarantee that there will be more work for the musicians in the future. A lot of musicians do day jobs that allow them to rehearse, practice and gig at night.

It all comes from marketing

Before a classical musician can make enough money to earn a living, it is essential for the musician to market himself or herself. When organizing classical music concerts Los Angeles, you will get paid depending on the turnout and people will turn out depending on how effective you marketed your concert. Also, the more famous and popular you are, the more you can charge for your concert tickets and the more records you will be able to sell.

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