Top 7 Palaces and Havelis to Stay In Rajasthan

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Rajasthan is one of the most visited states in India and it is not by chance. Rajasthan corresponds to the image of romantic India, full of forts and palaces with the magic of women with colorful saris and desert sands as the backdrop. Rajasthan is a dream scenario. If this is the first time you are going to India, this may not be the best region to start the trip, and there are others that are quieter. However, few places can compete with it, at least as far as sleeping hotels are concerned. As far as this is concerned, perhaps only Kerala is on the same level. The places where you will sleep in Rajasthan can be the most glamorous part of your trip and contrary to popular belief within reach of almost all wallets.

There are cheaper places and more expensive ones, but sleeping in Rajasthan will not leave any travelers indifferent. The stories of the days when he slept in palaces, manor houses and forts of the Maharajas will last forever in his memory and be the subject of conversation with his friends for years. That being said, these are the best hotels to sleep in Rajasthan and opportunities not to be missed. Read here about the Top Palaces and Havelis to Stay in Rajasthan.

1. Lake Palace

The magnificent and incredibly romantic Lake Palace is known as Jag Niwas and is situated in the middle of Lake Pichola in Udaipur City. The palace is maximum symbols of the opulence and wealth of the Maharajas. Today you cannot visit the palace since it is a hotel belonging to the Taj group. To be able to contemplate this jewel of Rajasthan you will have to book a night at the hotel, something that requires an increased budget. This is one of the best hotels to sleep in Rajasthan.

 Lake Palace, Udaipur Rajasthan

2. The Ajit Bhawan Palace

This is another palace of modern times where any woman will feel a princess and a man will feel a Maharaja of Rajasthan. Spacious and well maintained rooms with the charm of old and the comfort of modern, some rooms are inspired by traditional adobe houses, but inside they are palatial. The hotel has a spa, gym, restaurant and swimming pool. Do not miss the magnificent collection of cars on display that makes you dream even more with this magnificent country.

Ajit Bhawan Palace

3. Samode Haveli

If you are looking for traditional, more traditional and economical but wonderful houses considered as heritage houses, you cannot forget to stay in the wonderful Havelis, especially the two most beautiful in the city. The Haveli Samode is located in a very traditional part of the city and in addition to the location has the most magnificent places where you can sleep. Rooms full of color, minute decorations and wall paintings. The garden and terrace is magnificent with an idyllic and wonderful setting. It looks like a Bollywood scenario. So worth to sleep in Rajasthan!

Samode Haveli

4. Umaid Bhavan Palace

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The Umaid Bhavan Palace is now partially a hotel and where you can spend the night for less than 100 € / night. A luxury hotel with all the best Rajasthan has to offer and you cannot visit during the tour. Apart from the area of ​​the hotel which is closed to visitors, part of the noble family of Rajasthan who built the palace still lives there, so only a small part is open to the general public.

Umaid Bhavan Palace

5. Kothi Heritage

If you are looking for traditional havelis there are two that are the best deals in town, either by location or by glamor and charm. They are less glamorous than the palaces but gain in authenticity and charm. One of them is The Kothi Heritage, a reconstructed, 19th-century haveli with colorful glass and detailed decoration inspired by the culture of Rajasthan. It is a beautiful option for sleeping in Rajasthan.

Kothi Heritage

6. Raas Jodhpur

Another of the best hotels in the city of Jodhpur is RAAS Jodhpur, a traditional haveli-style stone house with stunning views of the fort. No hotel beats the views of this and at night it’s completely magical. The rooms are cozy in a style that combines modernity and antiquity. It is one of the best choices that match price / quality for sleeping in Rajasthan.

Raas Jodhpur

7. Killa Bhawan

This is the most charming and beautiful hotel in Jaisalmer. Romantic rooms with historic wooden furniture and careful and always cultural decoration, it is a wonderful haveli built in rock. In addition to everything, the Killa Bhawan has an exceptional location within the city fort and in the heart of the old city. It’s like sleeping in a museum. The roof terrace beats any view of Jaisalmer and is a privilege available only to those who stay there.

Killa Bhawan

Tips for Planning Your Dubai Desert Safari

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Desert Safari Dubai and Dune Bashing tours are on the highest priority on the rundown of activities in Dubai. Ask any individual who has been there, and they’ll reveal to you it is the best time you can have in the desert.

Most tour administrators offer moderately a similar ordeal yet at various costs. It is the expertise of the drivers, the protection, and the campground offices that separate them. Costs fluctuate so it looks on the web and approaches your attendant for a proposal.

The evening Desert Safari and Dune Bashing with a BBQ dinner is the most mainstream trip. There are day treks to the desert however these can be awkward because of the warmth which can reach up to 55 degrees Centigrade. There are additionally night tours with a medium-term remain in the desert which may not be a considerable measure of fun but rather not very advantageous to numerous guests.

Basic Tips for Your Dubai Desert Safari

evening desert safari,  desert safari

1. The tour takes around six hours.

2. Have a light and early lunch, nothing that is probably going to disturb your stomach. It is best not to eat excessively or drink a ton of water before as rise bashing is exceptionally rough and can make a few people feel queasy.

3. Bring a cap, shades, a camera and a camcorder on the off chance that you wish.

4. Bring some money and a Visa. You may require them for water/nibble at the solace stop, the trinket shop and in the event that you choose to purchase photograph/video from the official picture taker.

5. Not at all like somewhere else in Dubai, you will be exclusively in the organization of different tourists and unassuming attire isn’t required. Shorts and thin lash tops are satisfactory for ladies. Men can likewise wear shorts.

The temperature in the desert is a little lower than the city and drops by a couple of degrees in the evening. I took a lightweight cardigan with me yet it wasn’t important.

6. As you will get in and out of the vehicle much of the time and onto the sand, open shoes, thongs (flip lemon) or shoes are desirable over socks and tennis shoes. The sand is fine to the point that it gets wherever inside your shoes.

7. There is no compelling reason to carry water with you as there will be a solace stop before hill bashing begins where you can purchase refreshments and tidbits.

8. The area of the desert isn’t as remote as you may anticipate. It takes approximately a short ways from focal Dubai to achieve the sand ridges yet doesn’t give this put you a chance to off the experience.

9. The 4WD drivers are exceptionally talented and in idealize control of the vehicles so there is no requirement for concern. We had high acclaim for our driver’s abilities on the sand hills regardless of how to soak the ride was.

10. When you touch base at the campground, secure a decent spot by the moving floor before you share in different exercises, especially in the event that you accompany an expansive gathering.

11. You will be given some leisure time at the campground before the BBQ dinner is served. There are a few exercises and you might not have enough time to do every one of them. These include drinks at the bar (note: liquor is at an extra cost), henna tattoos, camel rides, Arabic espresso, and dates, smoking an apple shisha, taking photos, sprucing up in customary apparel.

12. In the event that you’d jump at the chance to ride a camel, do it within the near future as there was nobody around after the underlying surge when you arrived.

13. Enticed as you might be to purchase keepsakes from the campground, the increased cost is shocking. We discovered comparative things in the Mall of the Emirates for not as much as discounted. Be careful with offers of sand-filled jugs customized with your names. They once in a while look like an example they demonstrate you. Try not to give them your name(s) except if you will purchase or you may end up influenced to make a buy like one couple in our gathering.

14. The Bedouin campground with its advanced look and courtesies may not feel real. Don’t overthink it. You are in Dubai. You are in the desert. There is such a great amount around you to appreciate.

15. Desert Safaris are a considerable measure of fun and worth committing your evening desert safari Dubai. Simply abandon yourself in the hands of your talented driver, appreciate the Arabic cordiality and come for the ride.

Bumi Ayu Temple, Muara Enim, South Sumatera

Temple Bumayu is one of the heritages from Hindu era. It situated in coast river of Lematang, administratively in Bumiayu village, Tanah Abang sub-district, Penukal Abab regency, Pematang Ilir. This temple is the only complex of temples in South Sumatra. Until today, there are significantly less than nine temples which were found in this area, and 4 of them have been restored, these are Temple 1, Temple 2, Temple 3 and also Temple 8. This preservation has started since 1990 until today. This temple complex covers an area of 75.56 ha, with an external limit of 7 trenches.

The temples in Bumi Ayu are passing monument, which means the memorial that had been abandoned. The temple was left by a delay conclusion of Hindu political by the Islam force in about the 16th century. Then the temples had been broken and buried until it was rediscovered by EP Tombrink 1864. The story that been listed by A.J. Knaap 1902 says what’s currently referred to as the Bumi Ayu Temple is the former palace of a kingdom named Gedebong Undang. It also told that the area of the empire was spread until at Modong and Babat. F.M. Schnitger reported in both cities there were also the remains of Hinduism, but has lost by the river Lematang eroded.

4 Destinations in Asia for Memorable Family Trip Experience

So, you have decided to take a holiday trip to Asia? Great choice indeed! Asia, the largest continent in the world is absolutely suitable for a family trip. There is so much to explore and experience. Most importantly, this is one of the safest places in the world.

Since Asia is the largest content in the world, it comes with a wide range of tour destinations. Among the several places, you need to pick up the best ones for an unforgettable trip experience. Here I have discussed some of the best destinations. If you are keen to know about this subject, you may dive into the below section now.

  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong has lots to offer to the tour enthusiasts. Pay a visit to China at least once in a lifetime to witness the followings, theme parks, towering skyscrapers, sparking harbor, shopping plazas, fine dining and many more. In these days, both the luxury China tours and family tour packages are in high demand. There are fun city walks and if you have older kids, then there is also hiking option for them and you.

Both the adults and the children can enjoy the trip vibrantly, as there are a lot of options in China- tram riding experience, ride in a glass-bottomed cable car and so on.

  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of biggest nations with a wide range of destinations, including, Halong Bay, Hanoi, Hoi An, Hue and many other beach destinations. Nha Trang or Phu Quoc is absolutely perfect for family beach holidays. Vietnam comes with a plenty of options, such as rainforests, kid-friendly dining, night safaris, museums, water parks and few other places for children’s entertainment. Your kid will love to visit this place again and again.

  1. Japan

Japan, the land of the rising sun, has the ability to cast a spell over the backpackers, like, you. This is the safest place and absolutely suitable to travel with family, including kids. You will be happy to know that Japan family tour is budget friendly. If you invest in a reliable and reputed travel agency, you can get the best tour packages.

Tokyo is where you can start your journey. If you look for serenity, then this is not the right place for you. However, the city has some kid’s friendly feature which makes it the best. The sumo wrestling camp, robot gallery is here to make your children happy. In addition to this, Kyoto is another place that you should not miss.

  1. Bagan

Myanmar, earlier known as Burma is a great place to pay a visit at least once in a lifetime. Bagan is one of the most popular cities of Myanmar. You kids will really enjoy if you take them for a hot balloon ride. They can have a hawk’s vision from the high over the sky. Get a panoramic view of more than 2000 temples and religious shrines. All these will certainly make you supremely happy.

See, how fascinating Asia family trip is. If you want to enjoy the trip safely and vibrantly, then contact a top-notch travel agency that offers best Asia travel packages at an affordable rate.

Travel to Kerala: God’s own country

In South India there is a state known to its inhabitants as “Land of God.” And maybe they are not wrong when it comes to a place of eternal palms lined with ancestral canals, colorful shows and a unique nature. If you want to know that other India, do not miss these reasons to travel to Kerala, the Land of God.

Backwaters of Kerala


900 kilometers of canals form a microcosm in which its locals have learned to coexist with water and between coconut trees. Passages in which to enter from Lake Vembanad , where the two main ports of departure meet: the cities of Alapphuza and Kumarakom . From here,  the famous rice boats known as Kettuvalam roam backwaters that hide errant boats, houses trapped in the middle of the tropics and even banks of ducks. The place where Earth and Heaven meet.

Its gastronomy

During colonial times, the town of Fort Kochi became the port that would make the spices known to the rest of the world, which is why this seasoning has a special importance in the state of Kerala when accompanying their dishes. In turn, the sadya is the best-known delicacy of this state. A set of boiled rice accompanied by different sauces and served on a banana leaf that will delight tropical gourmets. As a complement, nothing better than to enter into its shellfish culture with a good plate of dried prawns with cabbage or succumb to the coconut milk that mace the Ado Pradhaman, a kind of rice pudding with cashew nuts, ghee (clarified butter) and simply spectacular chocolate.


In South India , nature seizes everything in its path, especially in the famous Western Ghats , a mountain range that releases waterfalls and hides natural parks, highlighting the Periyar National Park , an area that has up to 53 tigers and 1,000 Elephants lost among mountains, nebulas and trees. If in your case you prefer to enjoy a birdwatching session , in Kerala there are up to 500 species of different birds, among which the calao or the gray heron stand out.

Paradise beaches

Although India is not a country especially known for its beaches, some of the best beaches are in Kerala. Examples like Varkala, Kovalam or Bekal , in the north of the state, are true postcard paradises where the coconut trees bend, the fishing boats jump from the rivers to the sea and the hippie vibration of old times is still perceived in their premises and environment

The Kathakali

It begins to get dark in one of the many Hindu temples of Kerala and the public congregates around the stage. An ancestral music, similar to that of a ritual, makes the room vibrate, and a man daubed with colors and makeup begins to tell a story by moving his hands to the rhythm of the music. The Kathakali, one of the most charismatic artistic expressions of Kerala , was born as a representation of Hindu epic poems like the Ramayana, becoming one of the hallmarks of the Keralan culture.

Wellness paradise

Experts say that during the monsoon season , characterized by the rains that cross India from the south of the country, our body is much more receptive to the famous Ayurvedic massage . A fact that the many wellness centers and resorts of Kerala have echoed, promoting an empire of relaxation in which to submerge in the middle of the jungle, while the rain caresses palm trees and the Land of God whispers a song.

Taste the best tea

The altitude of the Western Ghats above sea level allows the presence of some of the most impressive tea plantations in the world . One of them, Munnar , rises to 1600 meters high, becoming a delight for the curious who seek to get lost in the fragrances and flavors of the most characteristic drink of India.

Your sunsets

Kerala gives away some of the best sunsets , from its beaches to Chinese networks of Fort Kochi where the orange reaches the fishermen. A perfect haven of peace where end an exciting day taking a lassi while the look is lost on the horizon.  So, Plan your Kerala tour

Travel tips for Vacation in India

No place in the world like India to do tourism ” Namaskar “ … a magical word of welcome that awaits you as soon as you arrive and that is pronounced with sincerity, crossed hands and a nod, as a symbol of a hospitality that can not go unnoticed. A vacation in India is not like anywhere else but an experience no less than falling in love.

In each trip you can see the country, its mystery and its eternal beauty. India has everything imaginable and much more … .Travel to friendship and festivity. From the first moment he will notice the desire for a harmonious life, the diversity in the unity of the Indian people, his friendly smile and his human warmth, which will reveal the feeling of fullness that the Indian experiences in his life. He will marvel at the festivals and temples and if he is attracted to the spiritual path, India offers him the wisdoms of Hinduism, Jainism, Christianity, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism.

The gentle and hospitable Indian people will make you feel very special. The holidays in India never end. The Indians celebrate them during the year in all seasons. The splendor and grace of Indian classical music and dances are something that words can not describe but must be experienced in person. India awaits you.

Official Name : Bharat Juktarashtra (Republic of India).

Geographical Situation : The Republic of India is located in Southwest Asia; It is bathed by the Arabian Sea, geographically composing the Gulf of Bengal. It is located between Burma and Pakistan.

Borders : Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma, China, Nepal and Pakistan.

Surface : The extension of the country is 3,287,263 km2.

Population : Its approximate population is 1,000,848,550 inhabitants. The Indian population consists of Indo-Aryans, Dravidians, Mongols and Australoids, the vast majority. A minority belongs to more than 300 tribes of Vedic and Dravidian origin.

Capital and population : The capital of India is New Delhi. It is located in the state of Haryanna, in the north of the country; it occupies a great plain on the west bank of the yamura, as sacred as the Ganges, of which it is a tributary. The population in New Delhi is 294,150 (available only for the 1991 census).

Main cities of India : Mumbai (Bombay), Calcutta, Benares, Agra, Jaipur, Ranakpur, Udaipur.

Religion : The majority religion is Hinduism (83%); Muslims account for 11%, and Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jains, the remaining 6%.

Official language : English is the most important language for being a vehicle of political, economic and cultural communications in India. Hindi is the official national language. Sanskrit is the academic language (very ancient and classical language). The nation designated 14 languages ​​as official languages ​​in their respective regions; part of them are Tamil, Gujarati, Bangali, Marathi, Urdu etc.

Government : India is a federal Republic, with a bicameral parliamentary system. The country is administratively divided into 27 states and seven territories of the Union. Each state is headed by a governor appointed by the president of the Republic for a period of five years.

Main economic resources : Agriculture is the main source of resources for a large part of the population. It is mainly based on the production of rice, wheat, vegetable oil, cotton, jute, tea, sugar cane and potatoes. Meat products are usually those from cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats. Fish is also a very important food and resource in India. The minerals that most occur are coal, iron ore, mica, titanium and natural gas among others. The industry is based on the production of fabrics, fabrics, chemicals, steel, cement, oil, etc. The service sector occupies 21% of the inhabitants of the country.

Weather in India

The climate in India varies enormously due to its wide extension. In the Himalayas, temperatures are very low with snow throughout the year; the climate on the coasts is temperate. The climate of India is determined by the monsoons: it is hot and dry for eight months of the year, and in the summer it rains copiously. It has three seasons: the winter that goes from October to March, summer from April to June; in this month begins the monsoon that remains until the month of September crossing the territory.

The electrical current is 230 Volts at 50 Hz. In some cities plugs of two and three round plugs are used so it is recommended to carry an adapter.

What to see in India

North Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. They form the northern region of India. The preparations for the trip are over and you are finally in India. This is where deep love for a woman created the Taj Mahal , where the king of the kings reigned, where the banks of the sacred Ganges become a trail of holy cities, where the silent and magnificent Himalayas rise, where five thousand years of culture await the world. Rajasthan is the beautiful state in India having so many attractions famous for its historical beauty, forts & palaces, tradition & culture, cuisine and a lots of things. Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer these are the beautiful and famous cities of Rajasthan.

Scattered throughout the north of India there are thousands of monuments of the conquerors who came in droves: Aryans, Greeks, Afghans, Persians. Through the intricate snow-clad mountains, the invaders came overwhelming, some to perish, others to prevail. Popular faith holds that the soul is purified by bathing in the sacred River Ganges , a river adored by the Hindus. There are numerous holy cities on its banks, such as Varanasi, Allahabad, Rishilesk and Haridwar. The mingling among the motley crowd is one of the many fascinating and mysterious experiences that await you in India. It produces spiritual inspiration to see that one of the oldest religions in the world is still alive and with so many passionate believers. With the first light of dawn pilgrims pray on the steps of the river, women bathe discreetly in their colorful saris and children with bright smiles and dark eyes play beside them.

South Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Pondicherry and Tamil Nadu form the charming south where the Indian cultural heritage is most intact. It is a country of temples, of orange flowers, of music. Madras, home to one of the oldest cultures in the world, is a good starting point to get to know the south.

Cuisine in India

The unforgettable aroma of India not only consists of the fragrance of jasmine, fresh roses or sandalwood. It is also the smell of spices, so important in the local cuisine, especially in the preparation of curry. The Indian cook has more than twenty-five ground spices with which he prepares the “masalas”, which also possess medicinal properties. The meat dishes are excellent, the “rogan josh” (lamb curry), the “gushtaba” (meatballs with spices in yogurt), the delicious “biryani” (chicken or lamb with rice, flavored with orange, seasoned with sugar and rose water), the always popular “tanduri” (roasted in clay ovens).

In the south, do not miss the coconut “chutney” or the “sambar” with  “masala dosa” made with fermented rice and lentils.  It is true that Indian cuisine is immense , it can be eaten spicy or not, as desired.

Shopping in India

The Indian handicrafts has its own specialties of great beauty. The textile industry is one of the main ones of India, the silk of Benares, or embroidered in gold of Mysore. Kashmir has a long tradition of upholstery with wool carpets and silk tapestries of exquisite manufacture. The silver ornaments of Rajasthan and the hand-worked gold of Kerala and Tamil Nadu are also products of splendid beauty and great cultural roots.

The products found in India, are of great artisan variety with a wide cultural tradition in its manufacture of leather, perfumes , soaps and thousands of gift items of all kinds.

Clothing to travel to India

It is recommended to bring cotton clothes if you travel in summer and warm clothes if you travel in winter or if you plan to visit the north of the country. It is essential to wear a raincoat and comfortable shoes.


Transportation in India

By Air
 : Airplane is the one of the easiest transport used to travel in India and also one of the transports that offers more offers and possibilities for the traveler. It is advisable to make reservations in advance and enjoy as much time as possible to complete all boarding procedures at the airport. With a special ticket, you can travel for seven days throughout the country at a very affordable price.

By Train : India has a very well connected railway network, hence its prestige: it is the second largest rail network in the world. Traveling by train is very safe and cheap. You have to take into account the kind of ticket that has been chosen to make the trip, since it is advisable first class. Luxury Trains are also available in India. Such as Maharaja Express, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot and few other.

By Road : In India besides the traditional taxi, which we know in the West, there are “Rickshaws”, a kind of tricycle with buggy; normally the cost of the trip is usually half that of a taxi. It is advisable to haggle the price before the tour. There are also the “Moto Rickshaws”. The “Rickshaws” are prohibited in New Delhi. Urban buses are not very comfortable since they tend to be unpunctual, although they are very cheap. Normally there is no problem when it comes to tracing the lines between the main cities.

To drive in India , an international driver’s license is essential , although you can get the transient by presenting a valid permit and a passport in the offices of the local authorities.

Helpful Tips for First Time Flyers

If you have always taken traveling for granted then, not anymore! Yes, have you ever travelled to any place by air? How many times have you gone by plane? Well, it is okay to admit that you have never experienced a plane journey. There is nothing wrong in that and everybody has that first time in their life.

Anyhow, do you have any type of anxieties or butterflies in your stomach? Okay fine, you are going to Goa and you have already checked the New Delhi to Goa Flights Schedule, but what about the traveling part? Have you made any preparations for this first time exciting flight? If not, then you need to wake up and look around. Following are some tips that can play a significant role in your first flying.

Deep breath

If you are extremely nervous and you feel that you might get anxiety fits or you may feel absolutely bizarre the moment the plane jerks; you need to take a deep breath. Once you take a few deep breaths, you would feel comfortable and at ease.

Don’t miss out documents

If you are flying for the first time then you need to check and re-check your flying documents. Gather the passport, if needed, or other identification documents like Pan Card, Adhar Card, and so on. If any of the documents get skipped, you might have to leave the flight. These airport rules are really stringent.

Luggage specifications

It gets important that you properly review the airline data, what you can and can’t take on, and what are the weight limits for both checked and carry-on baggage. Also, it would be good if you learn ahead of time what it shall cost you to check your luggage at the airport. If you are perplexed, then you need to relax. You can easily find this information on the airline website, or your travel agent can even give you exact assistance in your endeavours. It is always better to know about the luggage options than to feel sorry later on.

Be there before time

The airline you would be traveling by will have a specific check-in time. Every airline wants the passengers to arrive by the given time. This is the time that is usually two hours before the flight. Similarly, if you are at an airport well in time, it would get really comfortable and easy for you to get through. You would not have to hurry up or feel tensed.   When you reach airport well in time, you avoid all the unnecessary headaches.

Keep patience along

If you are a person who lacks patience then you need to have some for the airport. You would find variety of passengers out there. There would be many like you ‘the first time flyers’, then there would also be the tensed travellers.  You can experience a whole gallery of emotions snuggled in an airport.

Thus, the bottom line is that you can make your first time traveling absolutely comfortable once you have these things in mind. Relax; it is just a flight and not a rocket science!

Dare to Dive? 7 Astounding Sky-Diving Locations in the World

If you are looking for a thrill-inducing adventure, then look no farther than skydiving. This extreme sport is, basically, free falling from an airplane and parachuting to the ground. It is necessary to go through routine training before making the jump. The training takes place on the ground with the help of virtual reality, which helps practice freefall and parachute control. Beginners can choose to jump out alone or with an instructor if they are not very confident. Diving with the instructor is referred to as Tandem Skydiving.

Skydiving is also one of the best ways to explore the sceneries of a location, especially if they are as gorgeous as the ones mentioned below –

Mount Everest, Nepal

Mount Everest is the very obvious answer to the question – Which is the best place in the world for skydiving? Enjoy the experience of Tandem Skydiving from an elevation of 12,500 ft with a panoramic view of snow-covered mountains. Skydiving in Pokhara is less extreme than in Gorak Shep, Kala Patthar, but both are equally breathtaking skydiving locations to witness  Mt. Everest from up above. To visit these places, you can book cheap flights to New Delhi via and then take another flight to land in Kathmandu.


Grand Canyon, USA

While it is an amazing adventure to hike the Grand Canyon or take a long walk through it, skydiving here is equally, if not more, adventurous an activity. It is one of the best skydiving locations in the United States, others being Arizona, Santa Barbara and the Pacific Coast in California.

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Enjoy Tandem Skydiving from a height of 14,000 ft and parachute down to Earth with a 360 degree view of the Palm Jumeirah, one of the most stunning structures to look at from high up in the sky. You can get the best hotels in Dubai at astonishingly reasonable prices online if you want to stay for a day or two.

Victoria Falls, Africa

A skydiving stint in Victoria Falls is an exciting endeavour to undertake. Enjoy Tandem Skydiving from a height of 10,000 ft with a bird’s eye view of the lovely landscape below.

Interlaken, Switzerland

There’s no place better for a vacation than Switzerland, right? Imagine enjoying its majestic mountains and azure blue lakes from the sky! In Interlaken, you can experience tandem skydiving, accelerated freefall, bungee, static line and much more.

Fox Glacier, New Zealand

Counted among the most splendid skydiving sites of the world, Fox Glacier guarantees an exhilarating adventure with a freefall from a height of 13,000 and 16,000 ft. The stunning landscapes of New Zealand will captivate you such that any fear of height will melt away in mere seconds.

Pattaya, Thailand

Known for its blissful beaches, Thailand is a splendid location for both surfing and skydiving. A tourist-favourite destination, Thailand is one of the most beautiful locations for tandem skydiving as well as free fall from a height of 9000 and 13,500 ft. The skydiving rates in this country are much more nominal from anywhere else, which is only an added bonus.

This exciting sport will, surely, be the most stimulating experience of your life. So, wait no more, pick a destination from the list above and get ready to spread your wings.

Worth Experiencing Train Journeys of India

There are many journeys that are always relished by people.  There are some top journeys in India that are loved by train travellers. If you have flair for exploring, then you should explore the different train journeys in India.

It is apparent that Indian Railways has made much advancement in railways. Whether you want to know about the IRCTC train enquiry between two stations, seat availability, times of the train, or anything, you can instantly know about them. But, apart from these advancements, there are things that you have to experience yourself. You have to take a step to explore the exciting trips that these train journeys can give you. Have a look at some of the most cherished train journeys of India below:

Island Express

Kanyakumari, the southernmost top of India and a spiritual spot where three oceans merge, is a wonderful point to start an adventure on railways. The Island Express departs at 10.30am and takes only over two hours to reach Trivandrum. As it goes through thick greenery, tightly-woven palm trees and beautiful long grassy verges, characteristic of Kerala, the train fills with a vibrant lemony-green kind.  You can simply sit in the general class to ensure a fantastic view from doors and open windows. During the journey, you can witness the beautiful activities of day today working of people, lovely painting like churches and much more. The entire journey is a delight and fills you with richness.

Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey

The route of this train is from Mumbai to Delhi.  The sophisticated Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey links Mumbai and Delhi through Rajasthan and is the nearest option to travelling like Rajput kings once did. So, it is apparent that the train is not cheap. Of course, it is possible to cover this same route by passenger train, but since most of the local trains are overnight sleepers in the absence of air-conditioning, you miss out the charm and elegance of the scenery. The luxurious train gives you a great experience with all its luxurious facilities.

Nizamuddin Duronto Express

It is one of a new handful of non-stop express trains linking main cities. The Duronto Express from Pune to Delhi cuts six hours off usual twenty six-hour journey.  It encompasses a beautiful route with the most diverse topography and the on-board service is brilliant. From 11am until sunset, train trundles past splashing rivers, mountains, deserts and hamlets. Amazing Duronto means “quick” in Bengali cater scrumptious meals included in the ticket price. The train caters amazing food facility, proper facilities and a good experience.

Jammu Mail

Formation of this fifty three kilometre stretch of railway from Jammu to Udhampur has extended northernmost reach of Indian Railways to foothills of Himalayas. It weaves around beautiful rocky patches of the Shivalik mountain range, over wide-spread rivers and dipping valleys. More than twenty tunnels and one hundred fifty eight bridges cater head turning views. It is especially from across Gambhir Bridge.

Thus, these are some of the exciting and rich railway journeys that you should experience in your lifetime. Of course, there are many more but to get start with, these won’t disappoint you at all.


Getting Around India: Transportation Tips and Guide

The transportation and distances in the India are something to keep in mind when organizing the trip. You may be on a map 200 kilometers do not seem to be many. But in practice they may be needed for 4 or 5 hours. For that reason, we must make plans with little optimistic.


With regard to the mode of travel around the country there are possibilities for every taste:


It is the best way to navigate between the major cities, for example, Varanasi-Delhi, Delhi-Mumbai, and Delhi-Jaipur or if you decide to go to Nepal then you easily find Delhi – Kathmandu.


It is the most popular means of transport in India. And it is not surprising since it has the most extensive network of railways and with the greatest number of workers of the world. There is such a variety of trains and classes that it is difficult to understand. For my part I tell you the most basic data: there are many night trains but also many options. It is necessary to take account the class in which you want to travel. Do you make sure that you an indian half way is to eat or a whole family that seems to go on holiday and is celebrated with a picnic.

Traveling by luxury trains offers the possibility of enjoying the landscape. To be able to walk through the station if you want to stretch your legs and have a pretty good idea in advance of how much is going to last for your trip. Without a doubt is the perfect mode of transport for long distances. Even so, it must be borne in mind that the train travel in India are not fast. For a journey of 200 kilometers may need 4 or 5 hours of travel. Trains run slowly, there are many bus stops.

It’s one more example of the way of life of the Indians. With regard to the purchase of tickets it is best to do so in advance at the station itself. In the most important there are staffs who speak English and who can help you choose the best train for each need. If not, when in doubt, you can always resort to a travel agency if you have clear the Date of the trip and that they are responsible for buying the ticket for you.


The best of this transport is that arrives there where it does the train. The worst that the roads in India are bad, that drivers are pretty and that if there is any fault there is option B. simply wait to fix the damage. It is very cheap and the most reliable are those of companies of the government whose tickets are often exhausted a long time in advance. However, if you decide to use this transport better travel by day and tightly closed the luggage that is left in the top of the bus.

Private car

Better to hire with driver (driving in India is something for which you have to be very prepared). For me it is the best option for getting around India. It is more expensive. But in a country where there is so much to see count with a car that you can carry in the shortest possible time to every corner is an advantage that payment in my case I welcome very much. You can organize the path to your liking and you know that you will be able to see all you have in mind.

On your India trip you have needed much more time to visit all the places that I knew if I had relied on public transport. But without a doubt this is a matter of taste and budget. If someone decides to hire a car can do so when you arrive in the country. Or take it hired from here through a travel agency. It is essential to ask for several quotes and indicate always the vehicle you rented; you can make differences of hundreds of rupees for the same service.


The majority of the cities in India have taxi and these are metered, although the driver can say that does not work. At the insistence of the passenger or the threat to search for another taxi, you will end up putting. But the end and as they are not updated in the low that mark the taxi driver ends up taking a complex table to calculate the final price. So it is better to ask how much do you charge to any place and haggle until you get the price that is considered correct.