CredForce America Takes ARTIBA’s AI Certifications Global

Austin, TX – Feb 18, 2019 – The Artificial Intelligence Board of America, the first and only vendor agnostic certification provider in career-centric artificial intelligence certifications, will now be powered by the largest global credentialing ecosystem CredForce to broaden the reach of its industry leading Artificial Intelligence Engineer (AIE™) certification to aspiring professionals across the world. The Artificial Intelligence Board of America (ARTIBA™) has quite literally, made the technology industry sit up and take note with its pioneering standards and curricula in global Artificial Intelligence.

ARTIBA’s AMDEX knowledge standards framework and the proprietary AI-BoK™ knowledge body mark a radical shift in the way enterprise AI programs are developed and implemented worldwide, alongside providing aspiring AI professionals the opportunity to qualify for AI specific job roles across industries of all sized and across all technology frameworks.

With Artificial Intelligence set to account for a global spend of more than $52 billion dollars by 2021, the scorching growth rate of the sector in indisputable. However, widespread adoption and successful implementations have most often been marred by the dearth of readily available and deployable talent. In fact, 56% of senior AI professionals, according to a recent study, believe that a severe global skill shortage in AI will be the key hurdle for most artificial intelligence projects worldwide.

In fact, thought leaders and industry veterans alike cite the lack of computational capability, lack of public trust and the lack of proven, certified and AI specific talent as the three biggest hindrances of AI adoption. ARTIBA™ solves one third of these crises with its superlative knowledge framework focused specifically on leading the frontier of machine learning (ML) and AI as a domain. The need for developing AI job role-specific skills, though widely accepted as an imperative in the industry, has lagged behind technology development, and according to an ARTIBA™ spokesperson, certified, proven professionals with focused AI expertise across technologies and platforms will drive the next phase of AI growth.

ARTIBA™ certainly means business when it talks about setting the bar high for AI skill development. Its AIE™ certification curriculum has some of the most advanced cutting edge concepts on the domain, including all forms of advanced machine learning, neural networks, computer vision and NLP. Aspiring professionals looking to make their career AI ready and hone in on the massive opportunities in an AI world are increasingly looking at ARTIBA™ credentials to develop and sharpen their domain expertise. In the same vein, enterprises and consultants are rapidly adopting the ARTIBA™ standards and frameworks for their AI project rollouts to ensure compliance to the highest standards and the most effective technology practices in the AI domain today.

The CredForce ecosystem will enable ARTIBA™ to transcend borders and bring professional AI expertise to mainstream technology professionals and aspirants across the planet, using CredForce’s massive reach and end-to-end product and services portfolio for some of the world’s most prestigious certification bodies. In the pilot phase, CredForce intends to take the certification to 200 of the most prestigious universities in the world.

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CredForce ( is the world’s first and the largest provider of solutions, services and products in credentialing. With the world’s first ever and the largest consortium of international certification bodies, CredForce is converting capability-validation into an organized global industry-vertical. Our mission is to make certifications affordable, convenient and swift to obtain for individuals and enterprises even in the remotest corners of the world. The gigantic CredForce credentialing ecosystem extends across 180+ countries. A wide-range of solutions on credentialing, accreditation and certification of professionals, workforce, employees and enterprises are designed and delivered to transnationals, governments, universities, multilateral aid bodies and institutions through this ecosystem.

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