Dayton Freight Lines: Get Familiar With The Important Features

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Dayton Freight Lines, Inc. is one of the prominent transport companies in whole of United States of America. With it’s headquarters situated at Dayton, Ohio, the firm offers a wide range of courier freight carrier service to all those who are in need of it. Dayton Freight was founded in year 1981 and since then the company has made a considerable growth in this field. From a certain individual to a multinational company seeking to ship their products to some other corner of the country, Dayton Freight offers transport services to all those who seek assistance from them.

With decades of experience and dedicated professionals, the company has managed to establish themselves to the other parts of the world such as Mexico, Guam, Canada and Puerto Rico. If you ever feel the need of taking your goods from one place to another you can no doubt get in touch with Dayton Freight Lines for easy services. The best part about Dayton Freight is that they offer maximum of 2 day service across 13 states.


Dayton Freight Lines believe in offering world class transportation service to each and every clients of their’s who seek such assistance from them. As per a recent study which states that, the service rates of Dayton Freight Lines is as high as 98.50 percent which means the firm offers on-time pickups and delivery among most of their shipments. Hence if you are tired of all other freight carrier companies due to lack of there on time service then it is time for you to know opt for Dayton Freight Lines.

If you look thoroughly you will see that there are as many as 48 service center across the country managed and run by company officials. Thus it is obvious that once you seek their services, you won’t be feeling any trouble related to your shipments. The company covers a wide area from east to west and north to south across the country or if you want to ship your goods outside the nation you can do so much easily.

Some Facts related to Dayton Freight Lines, Inc.

  • The company formed in year 1981 has it’s headquarters situated at Dayton, Ohio
  • As far as freight carriers are concerned, Dayton Freight has over 1310 tractors and 3109 trailers
  • Certified vehicles
  • Covers a wide area of network inside as well as outside the country
  • From east Pennsylvania to south Kentucky. Other major locations are Minnesota, Missouri, Tennessee and Illinois etc.
  • High service records
  • Valid transportation certificates


Dayton Freight Lines is by far the most capable as well as trusted firm who can offer you with quick transportation services to any of the places in and out of the country. No need to go to some third party broker or agencies to look for the best freight carrier company. You can directly get in touch with the firm and tell them about your requirements. Once you go through all the documentation works with the firm, your products will definitely reach it’s destination in given time period.


Here is the contact details of Dayton Freight Lines, Inc.

Headquarters – 6450 Pod Avenue, Dayton OH 45414

Contact – P 937.264.4060, TF 800.860.5102, F 937.264.407

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