Features And The Best Uses Of Diaphragm Pumps

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A diaphragm pump is also known as a double diaphragm pump, and it is used in different Aussie industries. This pump is efficient and extremely versatile. It is also appropriate for fluids from acids, to transmit clean water to slurries, and other viscous substances. They are cheap due to their simple operation and design.

How do they work?

These pumps are positive displacement pumps. They use two diaphragms in and out to fill the chamber of the pump with fluid and push it out. When the diaphragms of these pumps move away from the chamber, it reduces the pressure of the chamber and causes the fluid to rush in. once they push back into the chamber, they increase the pressure and this causes the fluid to flow out. The fluid then flows through check valves making sure that fluid flows in the proper direction.


Diaphragm pump manufacturers in Australiamake these valves with unique features to ensure efficient operation. The pumps are known for their suction lift features. The rate and size of the diaphragms and chamber determine whether the flow and pressure rates are low or high. Diaphragm pumps can handle sludge and slurries with ease. They produce a discharge pressure that is as high as 1200 bar.

The valves have good features when running dry due to their design. Because the valves are similar to the action of the human heart, they are used in the production of artificial hearts. These valves are self-priming in most cases and can be very efficient.

Best uses

You can use a diaphragm pump for different uses since it is versatile. The pumps are used in a variety of industries that require the transfer of fluids. They are used for dewatering or removing water across different industries. They are also used for dispensing, filling and metering due to their accuracy and efficiency.

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