Role of Traditional Jewellery in Women’s Life

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It presents time you can see that every men and women wears jewellery. Psychological counselor explains why the habit of wearing jewellery came about. “Our body is broken by nerves. . That amount is related to the nerve. In our body, there are nerve endings where the nerves can converge or stimulate instincts. By wearing jewellery every body part is maintained when pressure and chemical changes occur at these points. You can get Traditional Jewellery Set Online.

Although there are many great jewels, they are made of metals like gold, silver and copper, which help to reduce body heat, ”he said, listing each of the benefits of wearing jewellery such as gold, silver, copper and glass anywhere.

” Usually, we scan woman wears gold ornaments on their body and silver ornaments on the lower part of body. According to old principles, silver connects with the power of the earth. The gold works well with body’s Energy and the light.  Therefore, gold is used for decorate our body. Silver is worn on the ankles.


Ear piercings are worn by both men and women at an early age. It is still an important ritual in our society. The main purpose of wearing the metal with holes in the base of the ear is to strengthen the eyesight. The nerve goes from the ear lobe to the brain. This nerve is stimulated and the ability to notice is increased. The earlobes connect the left and right nerve portions of the human brain. When this point of the ear is pierced it activates both parts of the brain very well.

Neck chain

People of all religions wear necklaces of metals like gold and silver around their necks and medical bands like sandalwood, rudratsam and tulsi as per their convenience. Thus, our cervical nerves are strengthened, reducing heat and maintaining balance.


The Antique Bajuband online is a traditional accessory. Although gold and glass bajuband were worn in the early days, the use of plastic bajuband has increased now. The main purpose of wearing a bracelet is to eliminate hormonal deficiencies. Hormonal deficiencies in our body continue to occur from birth. Wearing a bracelet can reduce the risk of bronchitis and asthma.

The only thing that can be wears on the foreheads is anchovy. It can be made by metals such as gold, silver, brass and bronze. Wearing pressure on the nerve in the forehead is good for our body that results nerves from the forehead to the ear to be stimulated and refreshed.

White Gold Jewellery

White Gold jewellery is mixed with palladium, platinum, silver, nickel, rhodium, it is called white gold. If platinum is added to it, it will cost more than usual gold. White gold mixed with nickel is consumed more in the market as it becomes a little cheaper. Many ornaments like bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, chains are made from this gold. White gold is said to have a higher resale value than diamonds. Jewellery made from such gold looks Western style. The same gold Jewellery is more in demand in the market than platinum. This jewellery are stronger and more durable than traditional gold Jewellery. It does not get scratched easily. Of course, as they get older, they lose their luster, but when re-polished, they look like new ones.


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