Tried And Tested Ways To Boost Your Audience


As choir concert Orange County leaders in California, we like our choirs to get gigs and perform to a large and good crowd. It gives the choir members a special performance buzz. This adds atmosphere to the performance and gives us that professional fulfillment when we hear the crowd applause. If you run a choir as a business, ticket sales form an important part of your revenue. So how do you get that good audience? Consider reading our proven tips for boosting your audience.

Never underestimate the influence of your captive audience

If you just made a crowd applaud and cheer you after performing, take that chance to thank them and announce where you will be performing next. Some of them will record it in their diary and you will have gained a few attendees for your next concert.

Pitch the prices of your tickets carefully

You should always consider fair ticket prices when planning a performance for classic choirsin California. A lot of people coming along at a lower price will do more good to your choir than having a few people coming at high prices. As a choir leader, getting the price wrong can be stressing because if you price so high you might not make any sales after a week. You need to check out other successful events in the same venue or area and how much they charge.

When planning your performance calendar, think about your audience

You need to ensure that you don’t load a lot of performances in a short space of time. If most of your audience is dominated by family and friends of the choir, you will experience the law of diminishing returns. You should be realistic about how often you hold a choir concert Orange County in California. You don’t have to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way.

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