3 Simple Steps to follow while renovating Staircase


As one of the most important parts of your house, the staircase serves a functional purpose. In addition to the practical purposes, this can also be considered as a focal point in the home décor. As a homeowner, you are likely to spend a quality time running upstairs and downstairs. Since the area involves high traffic, there is a possibility that the stairs get worn away soon and get damaged.

Since, staircases play a vital role in the aesthetic and functional value of your home; you cannot ignore the importance of this part. To enhance the home value and to stay safe, you may think of renovating the staircase. Now remodelling the staircases can be a challenging job if you do not have a clear idea of this subject. In the below section, I have mentioned several steps that you may follow at the time of remodelling the stair area. In this context, it can be stated that fibreglass or FRP access systems contribute greatly to staircase renovation.

First Step: Planning

Planning can be crucial when it comes to old stair steps renovation. You may feel confused to think whether you need to change the old handrails, spindles or stair treads. There is another option. You may think of refurbishing the steps along with the risers. Take the decision wisely. After making your mind, now it is the time for you to select a proper design and order the stair parts which are going to be installed. While choosing the design, you may take the help of the experts who have the wide knowledge to help you in the best way.

Second Step: Replacing the Steps Including Risers

You may think of starting the renovation project by replacing the steps including the risers. If there is a carpet on the steps, you need to remove it first. After that, cut the steps as well as the risers to size. Install the risers and the steps one after another. Pay attention to cover any existed gaps with mouldings. In these days, a large share of homeowners as well as industrialists thinks of FRP solutions for safety. Fibreglass access systems, like, stair treads, stair nosing, handrail play a major role to minimize the risk rate. to make your home aesthetically pleasing, you can install these access systems.

Third Step: Fit the Handrails and Install the Spindles

After renovating the landing area, now it’s the time to replace the old handrails with the new ones. There is a wide option for the handrails. The fact how the stair area will look very much depends on the handrail system you are choosing. Therefore, you need to make the selection wisely. Handrails can be made of steel, wood, fibreglass and so on. Select the material that can improve the functionality and at the same time looks attractive.

Spindles installation is probably the last step. At first, you need to count the number of spindles; you require for spindles and then install them properly.

So, this is how you may renovate the staircase. If you are keen to know more about this topic, you may take the help of the professional interior decorators who have extensive knowledge and years of experience.

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