4 Tips to Arrange your Display Window

If you are thinking about designing interiors of any retail shop then the main thing you should have focus on is your display window because it is the most dominant and visible place of your shop. Customers passing through your shop will see your display window to assess that what type of products are available at your store.

In the case of fashion retail shop display window becomes more important. If you are talking about a clothing store or shoe shop then your display window becomes a great marketing tool to attract customers from the market. To design your display window there are several things you need to consider to give an appealing look to your display window. Here are tips which can help you to improve your display window.


Lightning: Once you have allocated a space to your display window, now its time to set up things to give that place a look of a display window. The first thing you can consider to take a start is installing lighting at your window area. A good lighting at your display window not only makes your products more visible but also a great way to decorate it. So you can consider the light as well as d├ęcor factor while installing lights at your display window.

Cabinet Wall: Your display window is just like a big cabinet surrounded by glass walls. The glass walls are also very important to give a look to your display window. You must install clear and wide glass walls so your products inside your display window can be more visible to your customers.

Mannequins: If you are designing display window of a fashion store then mannequins are important to display fixtures to display your fashion products. You can use mannequins to display all types of clothing, shoes, handbags and other fashion accessories. If you are having a versatile collection of clothing then you can consider articulated mannequin because you can bend them in different poses and styles.

Racks: To display other small items and accessories you can use display racks and hooks. These racks and hooks can be used to display different fashion accessories. You can also use them along with mannequins to display add-ons available with clothing being displayed on a mannequin.

These are few things which you can consider while arranging your display window. You can use numbers of display fixtures according to your window size however you must not make your display window congested or overfilled as it lowers down the appeal of products being displayed in your display window.

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